The Oak of Ages: Sisters of Thorn

Sisters of the Thorn

Most know nothing of the ways of the Sisters and most see them as an evil branch of Aelf. They are cunning and scheming, magic energies keep them tied to their steeds. They were sent with the wanderers through the gate to keep control of Ariela, as the goddess of Life knew she could not be fully trusted.

The Sisters that came through are some of The Ever-queens most trusted handmaidens. They have been put into the hands of Ariela to help focus the magic and visions to find the lost aelfs.

"Out of the depths of the forest, they ride to war, they do not make home with us in the Oak of Ages, they are closer to the nature and forests than even we. They control their surroundings and are able to communicate with the beasts of Ghur, they hear the whole Realm through the wind in the trees. They appear nimble and delicate but on the field of battle, none can stand up to their ferocity.

Ariels seems disturbed by the appearance of the handmaidens. This makes me think she does not welcome the aid, but why? Since there arrival, Ariela has gone more and more into her own thoughts, not sharing her visions with me."

Lord Silvan, King of the Woods – AS 2111

The day was humid, warmer than usual. The heat of the dying Sun was welcome in a Realm that seemed always cold. The forests were busy with life continuing on. The trees whispered happier thoughts, and there seemed no sign of despair on the horizons. There was still no contact with any other aelf kin apart from those whose travelled from Ghyran. Lord Silvan still blew the horn of the Great Oak but still no one answered. 

As midday approached, the daylight started to fade and the cold drew closer. The sounds of the forest grew quiet and the trees hushed in their noises. Lord Silvan felt a pain in the air. A sudden sadness descended upon him as if Death approached. In fact his thoughts were right. Death indeed did approach, far to the North, a march of bones and ghouls drew closer and closer and as night blanketed the valley and the Oak. The Undead came upon them. 

Lord Silvan ordered the Guard to close to entrance to their home, sounded the alarm for the glade to ready their bows. This was not the first time they have had to defend against this evil, and it will not be the last. The Death Alliance did not stop, instead they began to speed up and crashed in to the side of the great tree, splintering across the base, but those rose up and circled to repeat. Guards and Watchers poured arrows upon the ranks, but this done no real damage.

Out of the depths of the forest, a howl and scream came forth. The Sisters arrived in a flash of light and rode straight into the unbeating heart of the Undead, seeing this courage, Silvan mounted Frewix, his trusted Stag and ordered the gates to be opened, he rode out with his guard behind him and smashed into the hordes of zombies and skeletons, throwing bones and rotten muscle aside..


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