The Battle of Blighted Pass - Battle Report #1

The Battle of Blighted Pass

Blighted Pass, a city of ruin, deserted for thousands of years. Statues and archways of old remained, although crumbling with age. The echoes of civilisations of old rang through the wind, but no soul remained. Until the day the Nurgle came. Slowly infesting the ground and surroundings to plague all that lay in sight. The Lofnir Lodge could sense the disease approaching. In a desperate bid to save the cherished city, they mustered their new Ogor companions and headed to war.

Slowly advancing forth through the ruined city, the Ogors and Fyreslayers could see their enemies lying in wait ahead. Gorbolg Frostmaw, harnessing the power of the Great Maw, protected his Ironguts, surrounding them in a shield of mystical energy. The Auric Runesmiter of Lofnir Lodge instilling rage in his Bezerker kin.

To one flank, the Warhounds of Nurgle bounded forward aiming for the Ogors.

And to the other, the deadly Glottkin marched forth along with his loyal Blight Kings.

The brave Ogors charged forth launching their attack on the Glottkin and the Blight Kings. Causing a series of thrushing blows to the Glottkin, the Ironguts delivered 10 wounds in the first round of battle.

Whilst the Vulkite Bezerkers bravely charged forth, inspired by the Horn of Grimnir, to reach their foe. Alas, losing a few of their brethren in their efforts, they still continued to attack in the name of Grimnir.

Meanwhile, the Blight Kings and Chaos Sorcerer threw forth damage to the Ogors. While the Glottkin launched a devastating attack back against the Ironguts. Losing three of their brothers, the Ogors called upon their master, Gorbolg Frostmaw to launch a deadly attack upon their enemy.

 Calling upon the Great Maw, Gorbolg fired flames and bolts of magical power towards the Glottkin...

... and with that it vanished back into the Realm of Chaos.

Launching cannons into the fray, the Leadbelchers tried desperately to save their new Vulkite brothers. The last few remaining Warhounds managed to deal damage to some, but alas they could not cope as their numbers whittled down, they ran off chasing their injured pack.

The sound of their steeds' hooves echoed throughout the city, the Chaos Knights marched forth to deal damage to their enemies. As the alliance began to fall, they called back for support. 

From behind the ruined archway marched the Chaos Warriors, holding back Gorbolg and the remaining Ironguts from supporting their brothers. However, with iron resolve the Leadbelchers continued a barrage of assault, firing shots upon shots into the enemy lines.

A deadly combination of Ogors, Butcher and Grimwrath Bezerker, helped by the molten rockbolt shots from their Auric Hearthguard companions, the alliance managed to get back on top whittling down the Knights.

Realising their ranks had become severely depleted, the Nurgle decided to abandon the fight and return back to the Realm of Chaos. Cursing this new devastating alliance, they promised to return again, stronger. Winning their first battle together, and the first battle won by the Ogors for some time, the Alliance turned to each other realising how much stronger they were together. 

"For Lofnir" - Cried Gorbolg, as he cast bright flames into the night sky, the first time he had outrightly acknowledged his new brothers. The resolve of the Alliance had been tested, and had proved itself for the first time.


  1. Amazing!! Well done Amy! Will update the map Tomorow for you.

  2. Yeay, great to have Pics + fluffy comments ! Keep going :)


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