HobbyHammer Seraphon: Chrak'gar and Alyax

HobbyHammer Seraphon - Chrak'gar and Alyax

Striding through the deserts separating New Lustria from Indon, the ground shock as the earth cracked and blue energy spewed forth. Alyax was built of pure muscle, towering over anything in the landscape, foam pouring from his huge jaws. He was on the hunt, many beasts dwelled on these plains and he had to eat. Alyax let out a huge roar as he closed in on a herd of Rhinox, he had un earthly speed and out in these lands he could stretch his legs to full extent.

He crashed into a Rhinox and rolled it over to expose the tender belly, he pinned the beast with his claws and ripped apart the guts, as he gulped the meat down, the Rhinox still twitched. Many Cold Ones had followed him, waiting for the opportune moment to scavenge the remains. But there would be hardly any left.

Chrak'gar sat upon his throne in the temple of Chrak'o, built many moons before even the first lizard set foot, these were replicas if not the temples of the world-that-was. If beings could be reborn in these new worlds, there is no reason why structures can not be. He feasted upon gifts given to him from skinks and saurus vowing for favour from the OldBlood. There was a loud boom, the sound of alien drums and feet marching, these sounds grew louder. They had come back for their general. Luther had been captured and was being held not far from the temple. He left from his seat and let out a mighty war cry. Alyax, 10 miles away heard this scream and immediately started bounding for it. The ColdOnes also knew this sound and ran alongside, weaving between the feet of the Carnosaur excitedly.

Saurus, Kroxigor and Skink alike answered the call and made their way towards to temple. An OldBlood war cry means one thing, war, food and duty. Seraphon live for war, there veins still run from memories of old.

As dusk approached the sound of the drums stopped. They must have been within 2 miles of the temple, but the heat and humidity of the jungles meant they had to stop to rest. Alyax had reached his master and the OldBlood spoke with his Skink council. Chrak'gar being the curious creature he is, decided to lead the scouting party to investigate the new aliens in their lands.

He mounted Alyax and strode towards the flames now visible in the black. Alyax although a lumbering beast was also an excellent stalker and could approach within striking distance in near silence. Chrak'gar looked upon the intruders to see a party of aliens sitting amongst the flames. He hailed for his Skink Priest to summon a deathly mist on the region.

The mist rolled in, the aliens did not even realise the danger they were now in. Seraphon eyes are adapt for seeing through all kinds of weather, be it pitch black, fog or even snow storms.

For 2 more days Chrak'gar and his scouting party stalked until the aliens were basically on top of where Luthor was being held. Now was the time to hit. The OldBlood let out a mighty roar and Alyax joined. The ground began to crack and the blue energy of Realm being to seep through which made the mist glow.


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