February Bonus Objective

February Bonus Objective 

So already February is upon us and that means a chance to gain bonus grounds in the campaign. 

Seeing as most are part of the Tales of Sigmar and the armies are only just starting to be produced, this will be bonus for painting and modelling. Everyone should have set out a goal for the February budget of £50 (or equivalent currency). 

Simply complete your goal and get your February goal achieved and post accompanying backstories on here and your army will gain a notch of region. 
If you have joined the Rise of Empires campaign and are not part of the Tales of Sigmar then instead, to gain grounds you will have to paint up the equivalent of £50 (GW standard retail price) worth of models this month and back stories for them units which should be fairly easy. 

As an extra bonus, if this is achieved by the 15th Feb, the area gained for that month will be doubled!

Good Luck and looking forward to seeing what everybody comes up with!


  1. The extra bonus is cool ! I don't think I'll have it as I need to paint the full starter set for SE besides other painting projects, but cool nonetheless :)


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