HobbyHammer Seraphon: The Saurus Species

HobbyHammer Seraphon: The Saurus Species

Saurus live for war, they are bred as fighters, warriors of the Seraphon. The evolution of this species accelerated with the coming of the End Times then they were thrust into the Mortal Realms. The Saurus were left in the world-that-was to defend their temples and fortresses with honour as the Slaan and some Skinks left the planet to continue the great plan of the Old Ones. 

The World-that-was disappeared into the void created by Archaon and the Chaos Gods, but the fragments burst into the universe along with the winds of magic. These particles and energy fused and created eight new Realms within the fabric of space, not quite forming in one dimension or another. As these new worlds came into existence, mortals, demons, and gods were poured over them. The majority perished in the void of Chaos but those who came through had little if any memory of their former selfs and home. 

Although the lizards were scattered amongst the Realms, the highest concentration found themselves in Ghur, on an island in the Northern Ocean, New Lustria was born. Evolution from this point accelerated from the energies pouring from the core of the world, The Saurus skin and scales grew tougher, their muscles grew larger and their species became smarter. From this change their colour evolved to match the surrounding jungles. The Slaan may remember their celestial cousins as a blue tinted species but this is now far from the actual appearance. Lizardmen now called their forms Seraphon, Seraph meaning Light and On meaning Engaged. 


The sky grew dark, an energy travelled through the winds, a deathly green glow illuminated the horizon. Screams were heard as the march of bones grew louder and closer. Lightening started striking the temple of Chrak'o, this was no lightening naturally formed by the clous of Ghur, but a magic cast upon the Seraphon. Skink priests started praying to their celestial gods for a sign of what was upon them, but it was too late, the Undead were on the march and Chrak'o was next. Chrak'gar sent forth a roar to gather the surrounding Lizards to aid this inevitable onslaught, but he had need not. Saurus were already exploding from the temple to meet the foe. With blades made from Ur-Gold and Steel and Shields from the iron tough hides of Bastilidons, they came from every direction, eager for war. As they ran, their fury started energising the ground below them, the ground cracking to release blue crystals and light. 

A charge from the Saurus can only mean one thing, destruction. They slammed into the hordes of skeletons and zombies, bones and undead flesh scattered as they ran through. They deathly army was soon reduced to piles of rotten meat, but the dead does not rest. The bodies started forming up once again, but again their forms were reduced down to the ground. An alien figure could be seen in the distance, green magic coming from his hands. The Saurus instantly knew this is who they needed to kill to stop this rise and fall of the bones, they charged through the growing ranks of the undead and towards the necromancer. The largest of the warriors stepped forwarded and goaded a challenge to the lord of the dead. He laughed thinking a the lizard species dumb and slow. He was wrong..


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