HobbyHammer Seraphon Campaign - Seraphon Vs Death Alliance

BattlePlan: Death at the Dias

The dead do not rest, they wander the Realm in search of a conclusion to their lives. Ghur is full of the restless, no longer in need of a necromancer or wizard to keep their souls alive. Flesh eating men, elves and dwarves roam the plains and jungles, they infect the towns, cities and graves always searching. Winged creatures larger than Khorgoraths and Bullgors stalk the skies whilst skeletons march looking for one final battle. Blood drinkers stay mostly in the North, where daylight is barely an hour each day. 

New Lustria is new lands to most since it joined the mainland, but it wasn't long after that the undead started searching these lands for fresh victims. Where the undead walk, death follows to all. 

Seraphon Saurus warriors roam the outskirts of their lands to ward off intruders most they can deal with but this new threat is something else entirely. An enemy that can not be killed and will endlessly battle, not for honour but because it is all they know.

Battle Round #1

An outpost for the Seraphon in their endless territory walks, Zasqui is a ruin on the skirts of New Lustria, most days the lizard warriors fight off beasts, monsters and the occasional invasion of warbands of Chaos and men, but today the air was thick with the smell of rotten flesh and congealed blood. The outpost defends a Realmgate, a sacred artefact to the Seraphon. 

The Saurus entered from the South of the ruin and quickly spotted a large winged beast which was followed by slow moving aliens which resembled men and elves. Their eyes were distant and they wandered aimlessly. They soon realised they were not along in this ruin, the winged beast rose up and screamed a cry which roared the Zombie creatures into a frenzied state. 

The Skink priest which followed the guard gave the order to kill the new breed of monsters, but the undead had already started the charge towards them. 

Battle Round #2

Before the lizards could even react the undead men swarmed them, as they did an energy rocked the ground and it started to crack, as it did, more arms and limbs started crawling up bulking out the ranks. The Saurus cut down as best they could but for every one they killed, 2 would rise up.

The Varghulf circled the building came in from behind, taking the Skink by surprise, it clawed and bit down completely overwhelming and destroying the priest before it could even react. 

Battle Round #3

The ranks of Saurus were being consumed by death, the winged beast joined the zombies in the feast and before long there was only a few warriors left. One gave the word to the other to flee and warn Chrak'gar of this disease spreading over their lands, infecting there sacred temples and shrines. Zasqui was lost to death for the first time. 


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