The City of Silence - Escape with the Artifact

This battle report was between my Death army and my opponents Sylvaneth. We played the scenario "The Hidden Artifact" from the Balance of Power book. Very fun scenario. Standard run-across-the-board fare, but with two twists. The Carrier of the artifact is hidden, and the carrier can reveal itself for bonuses.

"Whatever shall we do, my lady? It seems we are pursued by the little spirits of this forest." His voice was playful, almost nonchalant. Perfectly matching his noble, aloof demeanor. "Don't be so light-hearted, my dear. They're older than us, and taller than a Morghast", she replied. Annoyed at her lover's uncaring attitude. The undead may have the lead, but these tree-folk are old and powerful.  The wind rustled in the leaves, and blew dust across barren ruins. Striding not a hundred paces behind them were two treelords, vengeful and glowing with inner fire...

Turn 1: 

The undead start the battle off defensively. Using the spirit hosts to block the Spirit of Durthu, they were confident of running. Morghasts moved up to block any treelords from approaching around the spirit host blockade.

Spirits do nothing to Durthu, while he only makes a single wound in return!

Showing off that defensive blockade.

Sylvaneth turn 1, a Wildwood approaches!

As do the outflanking dryads! The combat between Durthu and Spirit Hosts goes well, for the Spirits do 6 Mortal Wounds!

Turn 2:

Well, that was unexpected. Another Sylvaneth Wildwood popped up in front of me. As did Durthu and the Treelord.

Treelord smashes into the Grave Guard! The guards reveal that they carried the artifact. Durthu did no damage to them whatsoever. Bad Durthu.

Morghasts smash into the Dryads. Casualties all around. They do five wounds to the Morghasts, but take 6 in return.

Undead turn 2. The Grave Guard finish off Durthu.

The Morghasts take no damage, and slowly finish off the Dryads.

"You can't fight him! He'l' crush  you! Or Impale you!" She called out to her lover, to his reason. The tree-thing was more than a match for him, and she needed him. Forever.

Dodging between hardened branches, he swung out his sword. It bit deep into the hardwood legs, drawing the life-sap of the Treelord. Pulling it out with artistic flair, he ran around the trunks of the monster. As long as he kept moving, he would win.

Sylvaneth turn 2. Meanwhile, the Morghasts ended the Dryads.Short work, really.

A vine lashed out around his feet. Rough bark and hard wood smashed across his face, sending him sprawl. As he lay there, a vast staff of heartwood came hurtling down, impaling him to the ground. His ribs, his chest, his body was crushed under the impact, like a dried branch under thundering hooves.

The ring on his finger pulsed like a slow heartbeat. Powerful inner light beat and shone with each pulse. Wounds grew over, bones mended as the ring used its magics. Rising slowly, and with little grace, he lived again.

Morghasts move in to support the Grave Guard.

The lady of the host joins her husband, and goes all stabby stabby. Their combined might slays the treelord!

 "That ring the best wedding gift", he grunted. "Keeps me here with you, my love". She glared at him. He had almost died. Almost left her. For some forbidden artifact that she cared nothing for. The tears were blinked out of her red eyes. Watching him impaled, crushed and torn apart by that thing... She would need to rejuvinate his ring. She couldn't continue without him.
"You fool", was all she could muster.

With the treelord dead, the game goes to the undead.

The game could have gone very differently, had the treefolk not fluffed so many attacks. Durthu rolling a 1 for his damage meant he took a ton of mortal wounds at the start. Not doing any wounds to the Grave guard didn't help either. I didn't take a lot of pictures of the Treelord-Vampire combat, but it lasted an absurd amount of time. The vampire, after being slain quickly the first time, never took a wound again. Which really shouldn't have happened. My opponent cleverly used his dryads to drive me towards his Wyldwood. Two teleporting treemen should have caused some serious hurt. Unfotunetely for him, his could hardly have rolled worse. If he were Skaven, I wouldn't have to do anything at all.

Until next update, adios.


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