The Followers of Mojgorox - Gor Brayherd

Gor Brayherd - Followers of Mojgorox

The Realm of Ghur is home to some foul creatures, be it monsters of Chaos lurking on the Blasted Plains to the dragons of Fangwood Forest. The most evil and foul being the Children of Chaos, the Beastmen, their whole existence is based on destroying anything and everything. 

The most numerous of all the race are the Gor; in the Lands of Indon, there is a breed of beast that have roamed the area since before time was recorded. The followers of Mojgorox, they do not worship any god in particular but Chaos as a whole. Mojgorox is favoured highly by the gods and gains strengths from all of them. This strength is passed down to his followers and Beastmen from all over Ghur flock to gain audience with Mojgorox. 

As they roamed the lands on Indon in the Realm of Ghur, they came across a ruin, hungry for fresh meat, they explored the abandoned city in the hope some poor souls were taking cover. All they found was rotten meat hanging from bones already picked clean from others. 
A voice echoed in the distance, another voice replied, and another until an argument between 4 people was taken place. The Gor ran towards the sound, frenzied by the thought of food, but as they approached, they realised it was the sound of not many, but one giant beastmen. The argument was between just himself. The Beastmen looked physically in pain from the torment of his own mind. 

The Gor herd saw this as a weakness so charged in for the kill, but instead of finding a weak bray, they found only death. Mojgorox destroyed any that tried to kill him until only a few Gor remained.  They soon realised, this was no ordinary Beastmen, he had the strength and cunning of all the Dark Gods; this was a Beastlord of Chaos, blessed and tormented, a beastlord that all from that day would follow to battle and death in the name of carnage! 


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