The Followers of Mojgorox - Malagor 'The Dark Omen'

Malagor 'The Dark Omen'.

Malagor is blessed by the Dark Gods and has been given the task of aiding Mojgorox to devour The force of Order. Malagor can travel through dimensions and needs not the use of Realmgates to do so. Malagor is able to predict the future and see's glimpses of prophecies and acts upon them. It is Malagor that sends The Beastmen to war and keeps Mojgorox in check. 

"In the dead of night, they came. The screams echoed through the village, screams of children and women being abused and ripped apart. The men were not killed, instead they were rounded up like cattle and snatched into the night. I escaped their clutches and ran into the woods, I climbed a tree and hid amongst the branches, trying to hold in my fright as I witness this brutal onslaught. 

The moons shone bright this night, I know this because the last thing I remember was the moon light being absorbed and obscured  A winged beast more disgusting and vile than anything that was rending on the ground came down and hovered in front of me. Suddenly the ground below swarmed with goat men looking up to their master. 

It grabbed me and pulled me closer, he said only two words. 'My Champion!' I felt my very soul whine with pain. He hurled me to the ground and I was taken deep into the forests. Here is where I am now, writing this, so anyone who finds this note may know of the vile winged creature in service to the the dark gods. I am to be a gift to Chaos, to be made into a foul creature of the night. Help me Sigmar, for I need strength to keep this evil at bay for as long as possible. Help me Sigmar.."


The Shaman of the bray herds are royalty amongst the Beastmen, they are the ones who have direct links to the will of the gods. They are normally found at the head of the warbands that make up the hordes. Only when a suitable lord proves his worth, a bray shaman will promote him to the head of the herd. The shaman are the most protected amongst the race and deal vile amounts of damage in battle as well as controlling the minds of the foul Chaos beasts that lurk in the surrounding forests of Ghur.


  1. Love the bright colours on these guys, especially the blue on Malagor! And that story is suitably terrifying, looking forward to seeing how it progresses!


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