Keep on Rotting in the Free World

The Keepers of the Rot are a Nurgle warband, based in the Realm of Life. The warband was drawn together by a particularly powerful Rot Tree.

The current leader of the warband is Cholothrax, a somewhat powerful Rotbringer Sorceror. His work entails jovially tending to the tree's needs, ensuring it's conduits have sufficient matter at all times, in order for it to thrive. Cholothrax's grip on the warband is tenuous at best, hinging on his innate knowledge of the Rot Tree.

His personal retinue is led by his brother, who has absolutely no magical aptitude, and so compensates with a large two handed axe, threatening to start hacking at the tree whenever the two have an argument.

Notable members of his retinue are The Brothers, a group of three gors who are scouting out the warband in order to ascertain if the Rot Tree is a worthy cause for the rest of their herd to follow, and an Ogre who tags along for the laugh.

Other followers of Nurgle who have thrown in their lot with Cholothrax and his crew include the Papa Don't Preachers, a mob of Marauders (just don't mention tripping on cloaks!) and a hulking Doombull, sworn to the Rot through fealty to Cholothrax after his brother skinned his best mate and now wears his skin.

So The Keepers are happily Nurgle-ing away in Ghyran, protecting and nurturing their Rot Tree, but this may be about to change as the gaping pestilence within the tree continues to expand from such diligent Decay-work...


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