The Ashkin Brotherhood

   Although the Ashkin Brotherhood holds a reputation of cruelty and aggression in battle, they weren't always this way. In the world that was the ancestors of the Brotherhood, were free people, proud members of the empire, willing to lay down life and limb to serve Sigmar. When the new population awoke on Ghur an untold time later, they quickly set to build again what had been lost, they were lead by a gray old priest going by the name Rafta. 

   Building a great empire proved more than difficult as the free people began to fall to famine and disease, not to mention the frequent attacks from Orcs, and other great beasts. Slowly, generation by generation, the people's connection to the Empire of the old world, grew smaller and smaller, until one day it was gone.

   The free people's population was dying out, no more could the great protectors of the world defend them, warriors, knights, and peasants fell alike, hope was lost, Sigmar had abandoned them.

   Several years passed before a Great Prophet, a Descendant of Rafta , took control of leading the once great civilization. The young man, built like a bear, said his name was Petra. Petra inspired hope in his followers, as, men women, and children all began work on constructing his dream of Tashghoul, the fortress temple. With the temple completed Petra summoned his most loyal followers into his inner chamber and sealed it for eight long days, before emerging once more. The warriors and knights walked with a grim resolve, and steadfast determination they hadn't shown in many years, but the task was clear, they had to obtain the Blood God's favor, to ensure the survival of the people of Tashghoul.

   Each knight went to his family, and slayed them one by one. By casting aside the family of old they became true brothers in war. After all kin had been murdered, they one by one lit family homes ablaze and stepped into the flame, emerging with thick grey armor, they were now Blood Warriors... but truly the Ash Knights.
   Only the most dedicated to Khorne may wear his symbol openly, and although Petra leads the many followers, he is not the leader of Tashghoul, that title belongs to the mysterious Priestess of Blood, Yvett.



  1. Didn't have a lot of time last night to write up anything good, I was juggling three children. Hopefully sometime tonight I can put up a short story and put words to my thoughts. This is just a rough outline

  2. Hey guys, i know i started on this and gave up shortly after, but i figure i owe an explanation. Shortly after i started on your blog deal, my grandmother passed away(she raised me and my brothers for several years)so my online presence shrunk to nearly nothing. I continued with my hobby after a few months, but just recently started really writing anything again. I'm sure not many will read this, less will really care, and honestly i don't think it even affected anyone, but i wanted to get it out there, and make me feel better :) happy hobby everyone

    1. Dude! Really sorry to hear that. Hope you and your family are doing better now. Really enjoyed your input and hope your hobby has got you through what I can imagine was tough times. If your interested, there will be more campaigns up coming but this time over at the new AoS forum Hope to see you over there posting more hobby stuff. Speak soon dude.

  3. Thank you for your kind words, i have to say Hobby Hammer has been a huge source of inspiration for me when i took my first steps into the hobby and after(been playing for almost three years, painting maybe 2) the new campaigns, while tempting are probably not going to be a possibility right now, as i am going to (finally) go back to school to become a nurse. Maybe once i am done with school i can dedicate the time for a campaign, but for now i am considering making a blog just to keep me organized and motivated during school.


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