HobbyHammer Seraphon: Cold Ones Species

Native to the jungles of New Lustria, the Cold One species are wild cold blooded creatures. They are pack creatures and roam in groups of 8 or 9. The pack is always led by an alpha male, to gain this status takes many in-group fights which mostly lead to death to the loser. Only the strong survive. The alpha heads the hunts, gets first take of meat and first take of females. 

Groups are formed of 2-3 males, normally brothers, and 5-7 females. In the height of season, the group can swell to 15-16 whilst the females rear the young. Unlike most cold blooded creatures who need the heat of the sun to warm their blood, the cold ones take the energy from the ground and are able to keep warm all day whether it be day or night. This leads them to hunt mainly in the dark with their super sensory eyes and hearing. Whilst one Cold One is vicious enough, a group can easily take down large prey like Stegadons or Rhinox.

Saurus are the only species able to rider such dangerous creatures and only the most brave and experienced can even attempt to. Saurus do not become Cavalry but are born to do the job. The first task is catching one, they roam into the jungles during the end of the birthing season when the pups are larger enough to fend for themselves and capture the males. a Saurus/Cold One bond is sacred and not all Saurus survive this first ordeal. Many choose wrongly and the pack of Cold Ones turn on the victim. 

Only an Alpha Saurus can attempt to capture the alpha cold one. When this happens it normally means the Saurus is ready for OldBlood status.

"We have rode long and hard and entered the jungles of this strange new land. The plants and tress seem prehistoric and the creatures ancient and vicious. We have set up camp in an opening, the nights are very dark, the moon does not rise above the tree lines. We feel like we are being watched, something has been stalking us for days. The sound grew silent and then they came. I did not see anything and only heard the screams of our horses as they were taken down by something large, the screams and attacks came from every direction, but this was a planned assault. We rose quickly and tried to adjust our eyes to the pitch black. Arnos was the first to fall, he let out a cry before the sound was replaced by bones crunching and his neck snapping. Something left for me and more by luck than judgement, I swung my sword and connected with a tough hide. The creature fell. the sounds of men screaming which filled the air soon stopped and was replaced by communication between these creatures of the night. They did not return that night.

In the morning we finally got to see what it was that attacked us, the beast was large, orange in colour with teeth the length of my hand, claws even larger. We prayed to the lady for courage to continue our quest, we are only a few days into the jungle and I believe these creatures will return on another night. The nights will be long from now."

Unknown Questing Knight - AS305


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