Keep on Rotting in the Free World - The Rot Portal Bursts

Cholothrax was in a particular cheerful mood. The Rot Tree had never looked so bulbous in all the months he and his warband had tended to it. This was definitely a sign that the Rotbringers were especially blessed by Father Nurgle, and Cholothrax would ascend to daemonhood any day now.

Applying his usual ointment to the growth, he felt a trembling in the membrane of the growth. Peering closer, Cholothrax became elated as the growth burst all over him. Thinking his daemonhood iminent, he called over the rest of the warband to witness it. His rival in warband (and brother) Cholophract was naturally skeptical, as he ever has been when it comes to Cholothrax's perceived greatness. Inspecting the remains of the growth, as though looking through a distorted mirror, Cholophract spied a forest unmolested by the blessings of Nurgle.

Now arose a philosphical debate within the warband. Wait for Cholothrax's ascension within Ghyran or as Cholophract argued, travel through the portal to spread Nurgle's work to a new Realm. For 777 days the debate continued, until the stalemate was broken through Cholophract throwing his brother bodily through the portal, the rest of the warband soon followed...


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