The City of Silence..

The moon hung pale and bright in a cloudless sky. Gleaming under her embrace, rank upon rank of bones and rotted armour stood still. Long had they waited. Vengeance was their desire, and eternity their strength.
"I had no idea... There are so many". High Lord Karashock stood upon the battlements surrounding the palatial district. Before him stretched a legion of bone, each bearing the broken scars of their trappings. He breathed in, a gesture of a forgotten time. The Vampire Lord was of the Soulblight, and no citizen of the broken city.
"Two hundred years of strength. Two hundred years against the dark gods." The voice was a rasp, a whisper of cursed fates and power. The ancient king of the realm set his empty sockets over the legions, bone betraying no emotion.
"My kingdom will march once more. You are welcome for as long as you lend your magics to us, vampire. Each soul here swore me eternal loyalty, and now they prove it. With your help, we can cleanse these lands, break the hold of the dark gods." The threat and warning was implicit, as was the acknowledgement of need. As much as the High Lord needed this army, the King needed him to raise it. They would work together. For now.

Welcome to the City of Silence. A realm of the dead, long ago sacked and destroyed. Now it stirrs again, as the vampire coven and servile necromancers of High Lord Karashock parlay with its king. Though they do not trust each other, they need one another.

This army has been in the making for a few months now. It is continuously growing, and you'll all see some battle reports, painted models and fluff as I finish up things. Looking forward to conquering some territory in the realm of beasts!


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