HobbyHammer Seraphon Campaign - Seraphon Vs Free People

HobbyHammer Seraphon Campaign - Seraphon Vs Free People - BattlePlan: Out of the Mist

For a thousand years New Lustria was separated from mainland, until suddenly the continents shifted and it crashed into Ghur. The sound shook the eight realms, temples and cities in Ghur were reduced to rubble. Luminor bore the brunt of this devastation, a city that had been prospering in recent times was sent into turmoil. 

This city was led by a vision of Luthor Huss, prophet of Sigmar, his will alone was strong enough to survive the destruction of the olde world. Immediate scouting parties were sent forth to see what could cause this destruction. Luthor himself led a small party north, this trail to the coast took about a day normally, but this time his journey did not find coast but more unfamiliar jungle.

A month passed in Luminor, the rebuild was underway, but Luthor had still not returned. That day, only one from his party returned, now reduced to skin and bone, he told tales of what he had seen. Luthor had been captured by giant lizards in the shape of men, the coast had been engulfed by new jungles that seemed to attack on its own.

A rescue party was immediately sent out to search for their general, three days into their quest, the mists rolled in. Visibility was zero, the group tightened their ranks and pushed forward. Two more days passed until they finally came across the enemy.

Battle Round #1

The search party entered a small opening in the jungles and could make out strange silloutes in the distance. They advanced slowly avoiding the worst of the mist, which covered the larger terrain feature.

The scouting party of Chrak'gar held ground waiting for the FreePeople to advance closer, the archers advanced close enough to send a storm of arrows through the mist but missed with every shot. 
Chrak'gar swung round the forests and aimed his spear towards a unit of demi graph riders, the main units pushed ahead to the main party. Alyax was hungry for blood, he had been in hiding for nearly a week, he tore into the riders with a great force and took 2/3 of the unit before they could even hit back. The Skink priest entered the forest and started praying to the heavens.

Battle Round #2 

The warriors charged through the forest and slammed into the bowmen, a few fell to the mist. Their powerful jaws ripped into the flesh of the men, the taste was sweet and the lizards became frenzied. But the archers held firm.

They were able to flee into a nearby building and escaped the full impact of the Saurus, in turn the flagellants were able to charge the warriors, the smell of blood goaded by the warrior priests prayers to Sigmar ensorcelled them, they overwhelmed the opponent and destroyed the lizards.

Battle Round #3

Alyax had tasted blood and became rampant, Chrak'gar sensed the loss of his kind and tore across the plains avoiding the mist and slammed into the flagellants from the rear. He bore his way through the ranks and in one turn destroyed the war band, screams were heard through the jungles as men were ripped limb from limb, the warrior priest looked on in awe of the power of this OldBlood and his Carnosaur.

The Archers were setting themselves up in the building, ready to unleash their arrows upon the beast, a voice echoed in the dark corner of the room. Tied to the wall, they saw a bruised man, he dropped in and out of consciousness, each time he came too, he screamed as if woken from a nightmare. They had found Luthor. A few rushed over to untie him, they gave him water and aided him onto a horse. The rest sent arrow upon arrow into Chrak'gar trying to distract him from Luthor's escape.

 Battle Round #4

The warrior priest who led the search party was sent word that Luthor had been found, but Chrak'gar also saw him exiting the ruin. Something needed to hold him up so Luthor could escape, he prayed upon strength and charged into the beast, he swung his great hammer upon Alyax splitting his hide and spilling some blood. Alyax let out a huge roar and turned to see the priest jumping to hammer down Chrak'gar, he bit down whilst the warrior was mid air and took his head clean off.

Battle Round #5

Luthor made his way for edge of the battlefield, but his horse was slow from fatigue; Alyax was now well fed and had gained more strength and speed. Chrak'gar charged Luthor down and pinned him. 

Luther turned, evading the onslaught from the OldBlood before fleeing from the grip of Alyax, he ran and dissapeared into the mist. Chrak'gar screamed as his prize got away, he knew the alien men would return soon with a larger army to explore and destroy the home he had built for his kin. But the Seraphon would be waiting.

Battle Round #6


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