Clan Mkrytus - Dealing with the Orruks

In the decades that followed the Clans arrival in the realm, the Skaven Lords decreed that the weakened clans needed time to recover. Moving and working under the cover of darkness, the ingenious ratmen dug down into the crater digging new warrens, with cleverly disguised entrances. The walls of the giant crater where tunnelled out, and lookouts where posted in the highest crater walls. 

But the Orruks are not easily deterred, survivors had spread the word of the night the ratmen had emerge and routed the Yellow Tusk tribe. And now curious tribes came looking. 
Hidden as they where the Skaven let the Orruks pass through and any green-skins lucky enough to find a gnaw hole where quickly dispatched by the night runners.
But the Orruks never no when to quit, and the Clan Lords are forced to try something new. Selecting a rising ambitious Warlord to handle the problem, he is sent with great many Skaven warriors to meet the Orruks on the open field a drive them from their lands. Selecting a battlefield far from the home crater. 

This game we both wanted to try a formation out from the warscrolls he choose a Greenskinz big mob, and I choose the Verminus clawpack.

38 stormvermin, 38 clanrats with spears, 2 units of 20 clanrats with rusty blades. Poison wind mortar, Warpfire thrower, Rattling gun. And a Warlord.

Worth noting that I choose my stormvermin champion to be my army leader, as the Verminus Clawpack warscroll allows me to use the warlords command ability even if he is not my army general.

Boss on Wyvern, Shaman on Boar. 30 Boys with 2 choppas, 30 Boys with shield and choppa. 24 Boys with bows. 18 Boys on boars.

Turn 1 Top Skaven
In hind sight I should have let the Orukks go first or held back, and got some more shooting done. But I rushed ahead blindly, forward clanrats are inspired! Stormvermin are Gnash-gnawed (i didn't realise the warscroll gives this ability a radius, until my second turn). Shooting was not effective or out of range.

Turn 1 bottom Orruks
Orc boss calls a Waghhhh! Everything moves up. Arrow Boys kill a few vermin. And then.........


Wyvern flies right over the land in the middle of all 3 weapon teams. Orcs slam into the entire rat frontline. Masses of rats die in the impact. Only few of the right flank clanrats survive the hold back the green tide. But the the buffed Stormvermin retaliate, hacking through half of the orcs infront, the rest flee from battleshock. The spear rats use their pile in to slide over under the Wyverns wings allowing most of them to strike at the beast, wounding it. 

Turn 2 Top Skaven
General bellows at his unit to be inspired. Warlord commands everyone to gnash and gnaw (it was at this point I realise that this ability has a radius for this warscroll formation). StormVermin fall back, to recharge using the banner ability, I did this to get more bodies into combat than a 3 inch pile in could do. Warlord charges the Wyvern, hacks it up a bit and then retreats before any retaliation. Stormvermin wipe out the shield boys. Clanrats still in combat with the Wyvern hack it a little and lose many of their own in reply.

Hack and run warlord!

Shield boys wiped out!

Turn 3 bottom Orruks
Shaman casts foot of Gork on the vermin. Arrow Boys shoot a volley into the vermin.
Boar boys charge a wipe out what little remains of the Vermin.
Wyvern stomps bites and stings the remaining clanrats to death.

Turn 3 top Skaven
Knowing the end is nigh! I decided to go down swinging. Warlord commands himself the gnash-gnaw their bones, and charges the wounded Wyvern. Lashes out with his warpforged blade, and strikes down the beast and it's rider.

Turn 3 bottom Orruks
Seeing the boss get taken down the Boar boys taken no chances, and corral the Skaven Warlord.

There will be no escape!

Laughing the boar riders tossed the rat man carcass between them. How could such a weakling force have destroyed the tribe yellow tusk, they could not understand, but they had found them and destroyed them all to a rat. Now with the threat dealt with they could move to bigger better foes.

Returning silently to the home warrens the stealthy rat assassin gives his report to the other Clan lords. 

"The war pack was completely destroyed, the green-skins chased down the survivors." Said the assassin.

The Clan Lords mummer amongst themselves, "And warlord quick-paw?"
"His pelt now adorns the green-skins banner as they head west." replied the assassin.
A grey seer steps out of the pack, he turns to the group and say's
"Good, his ambitions where always for himself, and never for Clam Mkrytus. But he has served the clan a great service. The green-skins battle lust has been stated and we now can work on, the next stage." 

Nodding to another councillor, this one covered in heavy mechanical armour the Skaven Arch warlock steps out, "The plans for the fortification of the crater are well in hand. now we can act un-observed we can deploy the second stage, Gates and towers, weapon emplacements. If the green-ones return they will find us well armed."

A portly Skaven steps out, whip at his belt, "We are ready to up the production of our flesh-moulded beasts, we will have plenty of shock troops to unleash on our enemies. The lands are full of strange and terrible beasts, we already have plans to improve upon archaic beast templates."
A 4th Skaven muscled and armed for war steps to the ring of lords, "Despite our loses today we are well on the way to regrowing the clan strength, our breeders are strong, and with our flesh-moulder brothers fertility and litter enhancing drugs, Our new generations are strong, hardly any runt litters spawned."


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