Zholtan - General of the Cult

Zholtan is the General of the Cult of Pleasure. 

Once a Golden, Holy warrior of Sigmar, he was captured, tortured, broken and recrafted by the Cult of Pleasure. Nothing remains of the warrior he once was, Zholtan is now a brutal and cruel warrior.

Enhanced by the fleshcrafting skills of the Cult and blessed by She Who Thirsts, the Spider of Pleasure, Zholtan is almost unstoppable on the battlefield. 

As a Lord of Chaos, Zholtan has caught the eye of several chaos warbands, some has tried to vanquish him, all have failed. And some have seen his glory, and joined his nascent host.

It remains to be seen, if his loyalty to the Cult lasts, or if the lure of glory and deamonhood one day proves to strong...


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