Down in the Death Tomb

Only every 100 years does the passage way into the Death Tomb unseal. There are few who know of it's existence, but to those few who do, certain riches await them if they dare venture into the depths and manage to come back out alive...

DEATH TOMB is a Time of War battleplan written by my partner, Tim, who is the manager of Games Workshop Hull (@dezartfox on Twitter). This battle report is of our game in which we tested out the rules of the battleplan for the first time, in preparation for the special DEATH TOMB event in store on 26th March. Tim is in the process of creating dungeon tiles to use for the game, so for this tester game we used the reverse of the Space Hulk tiles, we also didn't have all of the monsters built so some stand in monsters were used instead. The game rules are as follows:

Note. The rules have now slightly altered since we played this game, so some photos may appear inconsistent with the rules.

Each team has a band of 4 heroes, you start of in a beginning room and open doors to new rooms which appear and disappear when you enter and exit them. In each room you encounter either monsters or special events. The aim is to reach the middle room, find as much Ur-Gold as possible and make it back out alive! The teams were as follows:

My band of 4 heroes were my Ogre Firebelly, Ogre Butcher, Auric Runemaster and Grimwrath Bezerker. 

Tim's band of 4 heroes included; Lord Celestant, Grimm Burloksson, Loremaster of Hoeth and an Empire Wizard.

And finally, Gary's (@UK_War_Forge) included Lord Celestant, Lord Relictor, Lord Castellant and his pet Gryph Hound.

We used the Triumph and Treachery cards to draw random turns. I drew the first turn and rolled to find out what awaited me in the first two rooms. Alas, nothing appeared and instead I encountered a dead end and my Grimwrath Bezerker suffered 3 wounds!

Meanwhile, on the other end of the board Gary encountered one lowly monster, which was easily dealt with.

Tim's band of heroes knock on the door...

To discover a band of enemies staring straight back at them!

Elsewhere, my heroes managed to find a room filled with 2d6 x 10 Ur-Gold, I collect 30 gold!

At this point, Gary's Stormcast face off against more enemies, still in their starting room. Also due to random lantern roll at the beginning, the Lord Relictor was too far away from his comrades and was lost to the darkness...

My heroes come up against their first monster!

Making easy work of him they carry on down the corridors.

Tim's band of heroes come up against a Crypt Horror!

Whilst the Stormcast are kept busy by some other Ghouls.

"Oh look a Clan Rat, my tea" - Ogre Butcher

The Lord Celestant comes into some bother with a foray of monsters.

The two heroes near the middle room!

Tim's band of heroes make the middle room first. When entering the room you roll 3 times on the event/monster chart, this is what appeared!

My heroes enter the room and some more Ghouls appear!

As my heroes enter the room, an explosion causes a mortal wound to every warrior on the tile!

The heroes begin fighting the monsters and other heroes for control of the Ur-Gold. Whilst Gary's Stormcast approach a locked door they have to break down. The Ogre Firebelly is also taken down by the Lord Celestant. As Grimm and the Swordmaster are also taken down by the monsters.

More big monsters appear as the Stormcast manage to break the door down!

It's getting a bit cramped in here. After staying in the central room for one turn my heroes and Tim's heroes earn an extra 50 Ur-Gold. This puts me at 80 Ur-Gold and Tim at 50. Meanwhile, the Empire Wizard, being the last remaining hero of his band, has other ideas and eyes the door to his side to flee!

But he walks straight into the face of a monster...

Who easily deals with him. Tim is out of the game!

Struggling to deal with the amount of spawning monsters, the Auric Runemaster falls, leaving the Grimwrath Bezerker alone. The Lord Celestant of the Stormcast entering the room commits the ultimate sacrifice by killing himself in the process!

The Crypt Horror deals with the Grimwrath Bezerker, leaving the Lord Castellant alone to escape the horrors of the Death Tomb...

Monsters appeared in his path, but nothing he couldn't deal with...

The Lord Castellant, very lucky and noble, manages to escape the Death Tomb with his life! 

Overall, we found this to be an incredibly fun game and we all really enjoyed the battleplan. We're excited to play it properly with all of the board complete and a few more players. The random room/event/monster rolls make the game very unpredictable and exciting. It's a fast paced game and adds a new spin on the Age of Sigmar game we all enjoy. Hope you enjoyed reading! :)


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