Hidden Artefact - Skaven vs Bretonia - campaign game 3

"Droppings and warprot!, the man-things had it all along, that dead-thing was right." Arch Warlock Trask raged. 
"Had what? Most wise master." His aprentice Cog asked. Snapping his attention back to his apprentice, Trask mulled over wherever he had said to much, but Cog had proved his usefulness holding the gate. 
"No time to explain now lackey, a new task, you have. Hurry-scurry to Grey Seer Xylo, tell him the dead-thing spoke true, but the horsemen are runningwith the artefact." 
"Yes-yes benevolent-one." Cog turned of his heel to obey. "And send in the the re-enforcements."
Beast master Scaw, headed into the town herding the massive abomination. Followed by the fiends, alongside rolled the doom wheel. 
"The men-horses flee-run form us,but we will chase-catch them, you must be the fangs of the trap. Go wide and close on them." With a roar and a whir they set off, the beasts going east and the doom wheel west. "Stormvermin with me, we pursue!" Trask commands

Playing the hidden artifact scenario this week. The Bretonnians are making a run for it with something the Skaven want. 
Playing through this town
Seeing the approaching skaven the rear guard of the Brettonian army turns suddenly and charges
Stormvermin and Arch Warplock start on the deployment line, hot in pursuit of the enemy. When suddenly the knights of the realm wheel about, to face their perusers.
The artefact is held by the Grail knights, who are escorted by the Men at arms, Damsel and Brettonian Lord.
Turn 1 Bretonia
Bretonian lord commands his rear gaurd to hold back the Skaven.
Rear guard Knights of the Realm, charge the stormvermin, and ride over the Stormvermin and kill them all.
 Leaving Arch Warplock Trask alone to face down the lances of Bretonia.
Trask is unable to flee (enemy command ability) so he piles in and kills 3 knights.
Turn 1 Skaven
Fearing he won't be able to do so later the Skaven general use his command ability to call on all his encircling troop. Abomination, Stormfiends and pack master come on the east flank. Doomwheel rolls on from the west.
Still unable to flee, Trasks plays the long game, he casts mystic shield on himself, and then blasts the knights with Arcane bolt, levelling his warpfire thrower at another knight he incinerates the equine rider. In melee combat the knights get 2 wounds onto the Warplock, But in retaliation he kills another knight with his stormrage halberd.
On the east flank the flesh formed beasts attack. Stormfiends armed with rattling guns open fire blasting into the grail knights, killing two. The Abomination, smashes into the men at arms devastating them.
Stormfiends weave through the casualties to strike at the knights but the power of the artefact proctects them.
Turn 2 Bretonia
Grail knights flee the monsters, Damsel charges past the fiends to gaurd the grails rear.
Bretonian lord, orders his knight to disengage and protect the Artefact, but un-willing to to leave the Skaven general loose, he charges back himself. Wounds are exchanged but no winner emerges.
Stormfiends chomp at the grail knights heels, one is dragged from the saddle. Damsel is knocked from her horse in the crush, and is out of the battle.
Turn 2 Skaven
Sick of being kept from the prize the Skaven general arcane bolts the bretonian lord, he falls from his horse, allowing the Warplock general to persue his true objective.
Doomwheel and abomination are blocked by the buildings, so attempt to lap around to catch the quarry.
Rear gaurd knights ride hard to assist the Grail knights.
Fiends Shoot, pile in and attack the grails, one more is killed and the final one is wounded but alive.
Turn 3 Bretonia
Last surviving Grail knight runs from the fiends, desperate to get the Artefact away from the Skaven.
Rear gaurd catch up with the Skaven monsters,
And make a long charge and are able to spread out, and hit all the skaven monster and machines.
Mass of Lances smash into the Abomination and take it down, Doomwheel is damaged.
Fiends retaliate and kill a few knights.
Skaven turn 3
Pack master chases after the last grail knight, but for some reason none of my units retreat to pursue the last Grail knight. but hang around to kill the knights. (Rookie mistake)
Turn 4 Bretonia
Grail knight runs for the board edge.
Fiends have had enough of the knight and the shock gauntlets spark and arc electrict warp lightning, killing many knights.
But  it's to late, the Grail Knight has escaped  with the artefact.
"You featus brained dolts, you let him get away." Flesh former Scaw screamed at the brain rat symbyotes on the fiends backs "I sent my prized Abomination to guard the rear, all you had to was chase that last man-horse. But you can't even rein in the dullards fiends blood lust for one moment to complete your mission. Fools!" He screamed.

A metallic cough and a whir of cogs behind behind him , announce Arch Warplock Trask arrival. "You let them get away?" He menaced.
"Not now Trask, I am not in the mood." The flesh former rage was palpable, and after the wounds and damage to his armour, he was in no state for a confrontation. Scaw stormed off to the body of his beloved creation. Casting his eyes over the feinds, "I should strip you for parts." he snarled, but a cough drew his attention, something moved underneath a broken horse. Approaching cautiously he found trapped under the horse was the Breeder-witch of the man-horses. Red blood flowed from gash in it's head, and it coughed weakly, blood misting in it's breath. He grinned in his helm at his fortune. "Praise the messiah.!" He said in queekish. She looked defiantly at him.
"You never find it now, monster." She spat on bretoni.
"You will tell me where they are taking it, witch" She gasps as the rat monster replies in archaic broken Bretoni.

Switching back to queekish, "take her prisoner, do not eat her!"  he tells the reigned in Symbyotes, looking over at Scaw, He is scurry over the felled abomination, "Ah ha," he squeeks "the dam regen injectors where knocked lose."  Plugging in the fluid injecter back into the abomination, he then uses his shock prod to restart the Abominations hearts and get the refined troll blood flowing back through his massive monster, as it lies twitching and healing, he and Trask scheme their next step.

Warplock Trask makes the minor repairs to the Doomwheel, and kicks out it,s slaughtered driver. "Bring the witch, back to Grey seer Xylo, she knows where the artefact is being taken and Xylo knows how to get information out of witches."


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