Keep on Rotting in the Free World - A Dark (Furred) Emissary

After the meeting of Largax and the Beastmen of Ghur, the assembled beasts returned to the Keepers' camp in apparent fealty to Cholothrax. In spite of this, the beasts began to separate themselves from the camps of the other Rotbringers. 

One night after a particularly raucous booze up with the Centigors, a small visitor burrowed up into the centre of the beast camp, banging altogether too loudly on his "instrument." Attracting the ire of a certain Beastlord named Gygax, the creature was soon set upon by a group of Gygax's Bestigor. Calling for the immediate beheading of the creature due to interruption of Gygax's drunken stupor, the witch hunt was soon stopped as Largax stepped in. 

Using a somewhat uncharacteristic method for a minotaur, Largax decided to let the visitor speak, and question him on his purpose. Now revealed to be a rat, the visitor wouldn't reveal his name, only stating that he came from distant Clan Festerscar, his master Lord Corrupter Vepseudal looking to consolidate his power in Ghur with an alliance. 
Largax soon slunk away from camp and followed the diminutive beast to the West...

And here's the guy with Nurgle's Rot added...

That should take me in line with Patrick's story over in the Festerscar Tunnels, of Largax the Doombull arriving there.

Who knows where the story will go next? I envision Largax either attempting a coup within the warband at some point, or making peace with Cholothrax somehow. The latter being more likely, if something of a cop out... 

Perhaps Clan Festerscar could create a tunnel between the two empires to strengthen an alliance?

Patrick, I'd love to send you this guy I've painted up, message me your address and I'll get it over!


  1. I really dig it! Clan Festerscar and the forces of Cholothrax's fate are one and the same, the realm of Ghur will rot. I really appreciate the emissary model - I shot you a message to you on twitter. We can collude through twitter message as well. Let me know!


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