Unit overview - Executrix and Blood Vestals

The Cult of Pleasure and Pain is made up of several unit types, but the two largest are the Executrix, the elite bodyguard of Malathella, and the Blood Vestals, the main body of troops.
The Executrix are led by Sephea, and wield their huge swords as they where made of air. Slicing through enemy regiments like a scythe, not much can stand in their way.
The Blood Vestals are the main fighting force of the Cult. Lightly armored and armed, but highly skilled and dangerous. Many a foe have made the mistake of underestimating them, with fatal results.
Besides the body of troops, the Vestals also contain the Cults magicians and priestesses, and guard the Cauldron of Blood.
The Vestals are led in battle by Zailith, cruel even by the standards of the Cult.


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