March Bonus Objective

March Bonus Objective 

So February come and went with a flash! How many of you completed the Challenge? I know of one who completed the 15th of the Month challenge, StoneMonk came out of nowhere to post up his Skaven Clan Moulder update with all units completed! Well done dude!

The armies of Ghur are busy expanding their territories, some have expanded by writing up short stories which I have enjoyed reading, some 'ave expanded by playing games and writing up the battle report and some expanded by painting up new units and writing a short fluff piece to go along with them.

I am so happy with the amount people are putting into this and hope you are all getting something out in return. I know I am connecting with my Seraphon so much more by writing up their backstory and the lore.

So onto March! Many will be starting to get to a point with their armies where they are large enough to start exploring the Realm and battling to show their dominance on the region. 

So the bonus objective for this month is to write up 1 battle report. Just 1. Now I know some of you don't get to play as there is no-one around in your area to play. But there is nothing to stop you creating a diorama and playing through a battle on your own.. Just set up your battle and roll the dice yourself, take some pics and write up the story of your quest. 

The only stipulation is the Battle Report must be told in the eyes of your General, a first hand portrayal of the war!

Are you up for the challenge?

If you would like to see the territory your army has gained so far then head over to and keep track of them on the map.

Happy March!


  1. Just one? I have 4 planned. :)

    1. Should be easy for you then! Guessing some find it hard to get out and play. The Mini Campaign we are doing, you should write it up in the eyes of your warlord. That would be cool.

  2. I like this challenge, great idea ! I'll be travelling all month so I'm not sure I'll be able to do it but it's a cool way to aim at least one gaming session :)
    On the other side, this travelling time will be perfect to catch up in the fluff :)


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