The Death Tomb Opens


There are many stories of the Death Tomb, most end in blood.
There are, however, very few tales in which brave warriors have managed to survive the monstrous tomb with many riches to show for their courageous effort. 
For lying deep in the Death Tomb is mountains of Ur-Gold stretching out as far as the eye can see.
This is the tale of the Death Tomb.

 DEATH TOMB is a custom battleplan written and devised by Tim Davis (dezartfox). It is a special battleplan for Age of Sigmar. You take up to four heroes and the aim of the game is to make it to the centre room, collect as much Ur-Gold as you dare and make it out alive. All at the same time whilst contending with surprise encounters of monsters, devastating events and unknown rooms. Rooms disappear and appear as you leave and enter. As you enter a room, you draw a room and an encounter card (or roll on the room and encounter chart) and prepare for what lies ahead; either a particular event or a certain amount of monsters. This may include exploding rooms, cave ins or dead ends to Spirit Hosts, Zombies or Crypt Horrors!

Four decks were created for the game; the event deck, the monster deck, the encounter deck and the room deck. 

The room tiles and monsters awaiting to enter the Death Tomb.

The set up of the game. The centre room awaits in the middle. Each player or team has an entrance room in each corner.

Whispers of piles of Ur-Gold made their way into Lofnir Lodge. The Fyreslayers live and breathe for Ur-Gold. The Auric Runefather sent out his bravest warrior, the Grimwrath Bezerker to take on the deadly Death Tomb. Ira-Grimnir knew that whilst he was a very capable fighter, there had been many tales of the Death Tomb in which warriors stronger than him had not made it back out alive. Thinking about their recent alliance pact with the Ogors of Mount Fang, Ira-Grimnir called upon one of their own deadliest warriors, the Ogor Butcher, whose own taste for blood encouraged him to march forth to compete inside the Death Tomb.

As they approached the entrance to the Death Tomb, they were greeted by the presence of a Nurgle Lord of Plagues and Skarr-Bloodwrath, a crazed Chaos fighter ready to spill blood to gain riches galore. Normally, the Grimwrath Bezerker, a devout hater of Chaos would have fought them instantly. However, everyone was here for a common aim. Ur-Gold, and plenty of it, lay very close beyond the entrance to the Death Tomb. The teams decided they would put their differences aside, for the transfixing lure of Ur-Gold was enough to lure any warrior to unwise decisions... 

Thirteen players, split into five teams, took part in the Death Tomb. The other warriors were of an eclectic mix including; Elves, Goblins, Skaven, Dwarves and Chaos.

One member of each team had to be designated to carry a torch to manouvere their way through the unnatural darkness of the Death Tomb. Each turn every player rolled a dice, all of the results are added up and divided by the number of players to determine the range models must remain within their Torch Bearer, otherwise they would disappear forever into the darkness...

The first team to enter the Death Tomb was the Grimwrath Bezerker's team. Lying ahead of them were three Crypt Ghouls... 

Meanwhile, the Elves and Skaven encountered Spirit Hosts in their first room.

The team of Goblins and Elves entered a room which exploded on entry damaging the warriors. As the dust settled, they found themselves staring at a Banshee and a Zombie!

Dealing easily with the Crypt Ghouls, team Lofnir ventured into the next room empty of monsters and managing to avoid any ill-fated consequences.

The Chaos team, however, struggled to get moving in the Death Tomb approaching a locked portcullis which they had to break down.

Team Lofnir could not believe their luck. Ira-Grimnir could sense the close proximity of Ur-Gold. They ventured into the next room, again luckily encountering no monsters and managing to narrowly escape any devastating events.

There appeared to be somewhat of a bad luck streak hindering the team of Goblins and Elves, who entered a room which took them even further away from the Ur-Gold, not to mention they encountered more monsters.

It was almost as if the Grimwrath Bezerker knew the exact way to the Ur-Gold. They approached the entrance to the centre room, the magical essence of Ur-Gold made Ira-Grimnir's eyes glow with the power of their god, he could sense the riches were within touching distance.

The bad luck for the Goblins and Elves continued...

...and got a whole lot worse!

Meanwhile, the Chaos team were still trying to break down the portcullis...

As they approached the central room entrance, two new warriors appeared (a latecomer player randomly selected to join our team, quite the luck!) Team Lofnir managed to break into the central room. The rumours were true. Piles and piles of Ur-Gold lay awaiting. It appeared the luck was on the side of Team Lofnir who managed to stay in the central room for two turns without encountering any monsters, gaining 120 gold!

The Goblins and Elves, valiant in their efforts entered the next room to Spirit Hosts, they wouldn't let this trouble them though their longing for Ur-Gold was strong.

The two other teams were making good headway towards the central room. The Dwarf and Chaos team were lucky to encounter a magical event which allowed them to steal the gold from another team, clearly blessed they managed to steal 120 gold from Team Lofnir without entering the central room!

The only other team to make it to the central room were the team of Elves and Skaven. Defeating monsters which appeared out of the darkness, both teams collected up as much gold as they could. Team Lofnir collecting back more gold.

Hungry for gold, the Ogor Butcher charged forth to attack the team of Elves and Skaven, however they proved too powerful for him and he went down in a blaze of glory. Team Lofnir managed to retrieve gold to make it back to their previous total of 120 Ur-Gold. The fight ended in a draw between Team Lofnir and the team of Dwarves and Chaos, both escaping with 120 Ur-Gold each.

Following this, the rest of the teams, either satisfied with their amount of collected gold or too afraid to carry on, decided to escape the Death Tomb for staying any longer was a feat too frightening to endure.

This was, fortunately, a positive tale for the brave warriors of Lofnir Lodge. The doors to the Death Tomb were sealed once more, however the tantalizing lure of Ur-Gold was enough to tempt warriors to return despite the horrors they had endured. 

When the doors would reopen was a mystery...


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