Battle for the Temple of Sotek

The Mute surveyed the devastation from on high, mentally picking his way through the events that had unfolded earlier that day.  Just as the Gathering had begun the rituals that were required to gain the favor of Sotek, an ancient and terrible god of the Seraphon, the High Elves had arrived as if by magic, mounted on their pure bred Ellyrian steeds.  They struck quickly, filling the waywatchers with arrows before they could react.  In retaliation Arjax the Great Wyrm  swept into the light horse archers and devastated their ranks.  The core of each army spent, the battle fell to the periphery.  As the battle progressed the Mute realized that the true purpose of the Ellyrian's presence was the mystical artifact atop the floating waterfall nearby.

Understanding that this power could be used for the Fen he dispatches wardancers and eagles from the main fight to claim this new prize.  Only too late the did he realize that he had left the temple undefended, allowing the terrifying frostheart phoenixes free reign in the ancient temple.

 Though the Mute was forced to abandon the favor of Sotek he examined the glowing grail captured from the mysterious floating island and wondered if its power was worth the price of elf blood shed this day.


  1. This table looks awesome ! Crazy scenery ! :)


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