The Battle of Empires: Fyreslayers v Empire & Stormcast Eternals

The Battle of Empires 

The Fyreslayers of Lofnir Lodge are a very proud empire. So much so that when an opportunity arises for them to prove their might against another strong empire, they willingly agree, regardless of what the repercussions may be. In the distance sounds of marching and war cries travelled through the wind. Ignis-Grimnir knew this sound to be the approach of an army of Empire warriors, without wasting a moment he called upon his brothers to assemble for war. As he readied his Magmadroth for the charge, he noticed new warriors amongst the Empire, the deadly Stormcast Eternals, the warriors of Sigmar himself. Ignis-Grimnir had heard rumours of such a powerful force being created by the God-King, this was his time to test out their true strength.

Burrowing their way in underground tunnels, the Vulkite Bezerkers listened patiently for the sound of footsteps from above, at which they threw themselves to the surface and charged straight for the Empire Spearmen, whom startled at their appearance, struggled to find their focus to fight. 

Ignis-Grimnir marched forth, his Magmadroth sizzling with the fire of Grimnir, he laid his gaze upon the Stormcast Eternals. Warriors with glistening armour they stood firm waiting to fight.

The Hearthguard Bezerkers charged forth to protect their Runefather. The Liberators were valiant in their efforts but a full Fyreslayer onslaught from all angles was too much to bear.

Having dealt quite easily with the Empire Spearmen, the Vulkite Bezerkers could see their targets ahead. They knew their efforts would have to be very brave, for their enemies were no weak targets.

Consolidating together following defeating the Liberators, the Hearthguard Bezerkers and Runefather turned to face their next enemies.

Their bravery was duly noted, but alas the Vulkite Bezerkers could not hold off the Lord Celestant on Dracoth nor the Canons.

A loud explosion covered the battlefield in smoke, the Empire Cannon had launched a devastating blow at the Runefather, who realised his wounds were too much, retreated to leave his brothers to continue the fight.

The Auric Runesmiter was a courageous fighter. He loved to fight and any enemy, big or small, he believed he could take on with all his might. As the Lord Celestant on Dracoth approached, the Runesmiter chanted loud into the air to inspire his brothers.

Meanwhile, across the battlefield, the Auric Hearthguard and Grimwrath Bezerker charged the Demigryph Knights.

Having fallen in a blaze of glory, the Runesmiter left the Lord Celestant free to find another enemy. The Hearthguard Bezerkers raced forth for their share of the infamous lord.

Whilst one remaining Hearthguard Bezerker took it upon himself to take on the Lord Relictor and Empire General alone.

The Demigryph Knights proved simple work for the Fyreslayers.

Having made his way through many of the Lodge's finest warriors, one final Hearthguard Bezerker remained in his quest to try and claim victory. Alas, this appeared to be slipping away from them.

Having fought their way through the Demigryph Knights, one remaining Auric Hearthguard and the Grimwrath Bezerker charged upon the Empire Wizard to try and claim another victim.

When realising their plight was becoming too difficult for them, the Fyreslayers decided to retreat. Less in numbers and the loss of their finest fighters, they could no longer contend with the power of the Lord Celestant and the remaining powerful Empire Canons. 

"Next time, we will claim victory." Ignis-Grimnir inspired the brothers of his Lodge, "We shall tempt the Ogors from their lair, they have yet to repay us..."


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