Ignis-Grimnir, Lord of Lofnir

Giving a deadly blazing stare from beyond the battlefield; Ignis-Grimnir the almighty Auric Runefather of Lofnir Lodge. The most powerful and experienced of all the Lodge, Ignis-Grimnir leads his brothers into battle. Enemies far and wide shiver and fear at the mere mention of his name, for tales of death and destruction accompany him. Eyes burning bright with the soul of their god, Grimnir his stare is enough to shatter the souls of any enemy. Armed with the famous Latchkey Grandaxe, a weapon which has slain many a foe over thousands of years.

A child of Vulcatrix, the Magmadroth is a fearful beast with endless power. Only few Duardin have been known to tame these beasts, Ignis-Grimnir carried this very beast's egg across a bridge of molten lava in his initiation ceremony. Alas the true challenge came afterwards, taming the wild beast to his command. These endeavours have not gone wasted, for the combination of mighty warrior and warbeast together forms a formidable alliance worthy of such a title as Lord of the Lodge.


  1. Hell yes! Brilliant painting and equally compelling writing! The Hobby is strong with you.


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