Keep on Rotting in the Free World - Into Ghur!

The Keepers arrival in Ghur was somewhat less extravagant than Cholothrax had hoped. (Something along the lines of the Garbage Compactor scene from Star War but horizontal). The Rot Tree from this side of the portal was no longer the glorious pus-ridden thing the warband had worked it into in Ghyran. Here the forest was entirely untainted by Nurgle's Rot, and this included the Rot Tree.

Cholothrax wasn't best pleased. His hard work had seemingly been for nothing, there were no signs of his imminent ascension to daemonhood in this realm. With a heavy heart, Cholophract gooily embraced his brother, explaining that this must be a test from the Father, that their true work had only just begun. There were many warbands in the Realm of Life carrying out Nurgle's work, but none in Ghur. The Keepers of the Rot had clearly been sent on a holy mission by Nurgle!

As the warband camped for the night in the shadow of the formerly rotted tree, Largax the Doombull decided to explore the surrounding area. As he was walking, wondering how anyone could live in such a clean forest, he was set upon by a group of small Beastmen. Recognising a powerful kindred spirit, they bowed before Largax, explaining they had previously been in the service of Mojgorox the Risen, an aeons-old Beastlord with a large empire to the west, and that they were now looking for a new lord. Evading the question as to why they had fled from Mojgorox, Largax agreed to let the Ungors serve him, with seeds of doubt beginning to be sown about the legitimacy of Cholothrax as the leader of the Keepers...

Meanwhile, a small creature watched from the shadows, it's tail flickering excitedly...

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  1. Dig it man. The eyes of Festerscar are always watching. Looking forward to seeing what happens within Chlorothrax's warband.


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