HobbyHammer Seraphon Campaign - The March of Scottsdale

The World seemed dark for an age. No sounds, no sights, just memories fading. Feelings had all but disappeared, the heat of the sun vanished. These were the End Times. But this was not the end of times, just a new chapter in the struggle for survival. Everything was different now; mightily empires that once ruled are no more. But the people who populated the world that was still had memories; their spirits although lost for that age between times would re emerge. From the ashes of the Olde World rose eight individual Realms, powered by the magic that ebbed and flowed. Their positions within this new plain of time cannot be calculated. The Realm of Ghur was the first to be born from the settling dust and many souls found their way here.  

One such soul lost his past life on the edge of the void battling many foes to stop the ender of time. This was his last memory until that day his eyes opened once more. He found himself in darkness, the air was dense and his bones felt heavy. The sounds of the surrounding jungle were deafening, not with birds but something else. He heard screams coming from the dark. Screams of women and children, he quickly jumped to his feet and ran, it was cold but hard to breathe from humidity. He came across an opening in the forest where hundreds of men gathered. He noticed their clothes first, all were in dirty ripped clothes but all shared the same colours. The colours he himself was also wearing. He realized then, he had finally found his people..
Scottsdale – BS 123 

General Faji Scott.

Having spent the last hundred years or so, rebuilding on the idea of the mighty empire of the olde world (Time seems to move much slower now). Faji leads by example, his heritage is strong and his army still bears the colours of his previous memories. He has explored many places in this realm as well as others, finding many an ally, but also many a foe. None more so than the savage Beastmen that dominate Ghur. He rides his trust griffin Taslia to war and is followed by probably the most impressive Army of Men in all Realm.

The army of Scottsdale marched forth, they tried hard to forge their Empire to a former glory. Not many could stand up to the destruction that could be caused by such a massive kingdom. The army marched through the Blasted Plain and turned North towards New Lustria, their men were tired from the heat of the Desert. This was no campaign for making allies but one of invasion and expanding their already huge forces. They first came across a City of Ruin - the home of Valten and his Order - They scouted the lands but found no sign of civilisation, the wizard in this order along with the stealth of the aelf kin, kept them hidden. They marched forth across the Ghurian Channel and up into New Lustria. They cared not for the forests and burnt their way through the shrubs and tore down trees. They finally found a temple hidden in the Jungles, an ancient building, the Huanco Temple which was home to a lost settlement of Stormcast.

The Stormcast host had entered Ghur many years before but had now lost contact with the heavens. The Realmgate in which they entered through was a one way journey. They had come to Ghur from a different time, The Age of Sigmar was prevalent across the other Realms, but here in Ghur, they found hardly any Chaos to destroy, their mission now was to get out of this primitive land and report back to their God-King, but to do this they must first find a Realmgate which would lead them.

The Stormcast had made contact with the Seraphon race which inhabited this land, they exchanged protection and gold in return for a place to settle and plan. Chrak'gar gave them the sacred temple of Huanco to take shelter. 

The army of Scottsdale saw this temple as a prize for their long journey, the temple was clad in Ur-Gold and ancient artefacts encrusted the sides and entrance. But this prize would not be given up so easy. Skink scouts had already seen them approach many days before and reported back to Chrak'gar. Chrak'gar angry at the invasion of these aliens rode out to meet them. The Order of Valten had followed them North, the forest of which they had destroyed on their way, stirred and roused to seek revenge and the Sormcast that protected the Temple joined this newly formed Alliance to send the Scottsdale army back to the depths of Ghur. With this alliance, the balance of power was equal.

The stage was set for one of the largest battles Ghur had ever seen.. 

"We are joined by many a flesh thing. We come to protect our sacred temple, here we house one of our most sacred artefacts, a machine which allows us to talk with our masters in the heavens. The men of metal fight for their freedom and protect our temple, the tree people from the South join in revenge for the death of their treekin, a band of men, aelfs and duardin join to seek revenge on the destruction of their home. Together we fight these red and yellow scum."

"The enemy set themselves up across the field from us, their machines and magic line the back row, their thousand strong lines of men in front, they look weak from travel and dehydration. We call to you masters in the sky in give us strength with our allies to send this army back, away from our lands."

The Empire lines advance up slowly and their front lines make way for their machines to fire upon us. A cannon ball struck me within moments causing Alyax to reel in pain.

 I send forth my flyer to attack and order the advance of my fastest to weaken their front lines.

Many have their own intentions in my forces, the tree people advance quickly into the machines. Whilst the Stormcast attempt to flank their bird riders.

The maneater runs and charges the outriders in anger of their attempted assassination.

The Order of Valten hold their ground, sending arrows into the enemy from atop the temple.

The Ripperdactyls swoop in on their swordsmen and take out many foe, the rest flee in fear of their speed. I order my lines to shoot into the lines and weaken them down.

Their machines shoot the Rippers out of the air, I mourn their loss but their sacrifice is well received.

My Cold Ones advance into their cavalry and hold them by the Realmgate.

 The Steamtank advances into the forest to gain cover and shoots at Valtens forces. The handguunners shoot down my Warriors taking them all out, only my brother Quenix Oldblood remains.

The Lord Celestant removes the treat of Knights charging the lines and his Liberators hold the bird riders on the flanks.

We gain sight of the main troop lines, we shoot all we have at them and they all drop like flies. 

Finally, the General on the Griffin joins in charges the Lord Celestant removing him in one swoop. The tree people charge into their machines. Destroying them swiftly.

Quenix holds down the few remaining men on foot.

 Their cannons blast the TreeLord turning him into dust. Their Tank removes Valtens Glade Lord.

The General continues to cause problems to my lines.

 Valten angered by his brothers death, charges into the tank with his Duardin allies.

I rouse Alyax to charge the Griffin to end his destruction once and for all, I hit with my Maul, Alyax, frenzied tears the Griffin apart and finally removes his head with one bite, the General flees into the forests. Quenix is hit hard and falls, but the battle is over, The enemy flees and the defence of our temple is complete.

"The Battle lasted 3 days and 2 nights but we saved our allies and more importantly the temple remains in tact. By the power of the Old Ones we triumphed, the enemy retreat to lick their wounds and we feast on the skulls of men. The TreePeople slip back into the forests, Valten returns to his lands to rebuild his home and as thanks to the Stormcast we allow them use of our treasured machine to attempt to gain audience with Azyr and their GodKing. We return to respawn our forces in ready for what is next."


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