The Battle for Dragonfate: Fyreslayers v Skaven Pestilens

 The Battle for Dragonfate

Dragonfate was a marvel of sheer beauty. A ruin of centuries old still stood proudly. It had seen thousands of footsteps pass over and seen plenty of blood shed onto its cold marble steps. The Fyreslayers of Lofnir Lodge had claimed this spectacle for their own, and were fiercely protective of it. Forging tunnels below it underground to create chambers to store their masses of Ur-Gold, it was a place they would protect with their lives. 

Until one day, they were disturbed and their chambers were put under sudden danger. For scuttling along through holes made into their chambers, the evil Skaven Pestilens arrived with a hunger for blood and glory. It was the duty of the noble Fyreslayers to protect Dragonfate and to defeat the invading Skaven Clan. 

Auric Runefather, Ignis-Grimnir riding atop his fearful Magmadroth led a small force into battle, consisting of two units of Hearthguard Bezerkers, one unit of Auric Hearthguard, the Lodge's faithful Battlesmith, the savage Grimwrath Bezerker, Ira-Grimnir and the Auric Runemaster, Sanctus-Grimnir. 

Facing them were a deadly clan of Skaven Pestilens, including their leader the Verminlord Corrupter, a Plague Priest, a unit of Plague Monks, a unit of Plague Censor Bearers, a Plague Furnace and a Plague Claw. 

After failing to deal any damage in their arrival, the Skaven held back awaiting the Fyreslayers to approach.

Until a surprise attack! The Auric Runesmiter, Oratio-Grimnir leading the Vulkite Bezerkers into the fray with inspiring war-chants appeared from underground to target the Plague Claw. The Skaven were stunned, not expecting such a onslaught. Charging forth with their dual axes, the terrifying Vulkite Bezerkers hacked down the Plague Claw before it could do serious damage to their brothers.

Meanwhile, elsewhere the Skaven marched forth surrounding the Fyreslayers on all flanks.

Ignis-Grimnir came face to face with the Verminlord Corrupter. In a vicious stare-down the two charged forward targeting none but one other.

Following tackling down the Plague Claw, the Vulkite Bezerkers left themselves vulnerable to attack, and thus succumbed to a revenge attack from the Plague Censor Bearers.

The Plague Monks bravely charged the Hearthguard Bezerkers, but were brought down quickly with their Broadaxes and their numbers quickly wittled down.

The Auric Hearthguard were charged by the Plague Furnace...

Which quickly dealt with them.

Meanwhile, after the remaining Plague Monks ran away with fear...

The Hearthguard Bezerkers ran to protect their Runefather from the clutches of the evil Verminlord.

Launching an attack back against the Plague Furnace, the Hearthguard Bezerkers and the Grimwrath Bezerker charged to support their remaining Auric Hearthguard brother.

Ruthless as ever the rats on the Plague Furnace attacked back, killing off the last remaining Auric Hearthguard and seeing to three of the Hearthguard Bezerkers. The Grimwrath Bezerker, however, remained enraged. 

With unfettered fury, the Grimwrath Bezerker managed to bring down the deadly Plague Furnace which had defeated so many of his brothers.

With a mighty outcry from his brothers, Ignis-Grimnir fell to the deadly Verminlord. This enraged the Hearthguard Bezerkers, whom ever faithful to their leader promised to bring him down with whatever means they could.

Meanwhile, Sanctus-Grimnir, Oratio-Grimnir and the Battlesmith banded together to take on the Plague Censor Bearers in a bid to hold their faithful Dragonfate.

Their mission was complete, throwing axes flew through the air as they charged forth with their broadaxes taking down the Verminlord, they swiftly turned around to take down the Plague Priest.

Hacking their way through the Plague Censor Bearers, the three heroes managed to keep Dragonfate from falling to the evil Pestilens.

The remaining brothers of Lofnir Lodge turned to each other, the Auric Runesmiter boomed inspiring chants to celebrate their victory. It was a close fought battle, blood was spilled and they lost many of their brothers. Fighting until their death was a feat revered by all Fyreslayers, they are fiercely protective of their Lodge and their Ur-Gold and to them it was a battle well fought to know that Dragonfate was still rightfully theirs.


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