The Auric Runesmiter and Auric Runeson March Into War

The Auric Runesmiter charges into battle. His bellowing cries inspiring his Fyreslayer brothers. Oratio-Grimnir has the ability to sense Ur-Gold nearby and directs his warriors to find their precious riches. Living and breathing for war, he shines on the frontline inspiring his brothers to march on for glory.

One of the many heirs of Ignis-Grimnir, the Auric Runeson, Filius-Grimnir. Young at heart he has only one thing on his mind, battle and blood. Runesons' aspire to lead their brothers in the hope of one day becoming the Runefather of the Lodge. Filius-Grimnir is deeply competitive, and is currently in training to tame a ruthless Magmadroth to claim for his own in his plight to hunt monsters and enemies alike to prove his worth as potential Runefather.


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