The Rise of Bastion Quol

So this month Kye Baker (Clan Mkrytus) and myself will be playing an escalation campaign we have created using scenarios from the campaign books. I won't be using my Seraphon, instead using the Clans main rivals, the Bretonnians of Carcassonne. Kye will be using the battle reports as part of his main story, but I will add an occasional Bretonnian point of view as I'm sure in true Skaven form, the battle reports will be pretty biased. Haha. The Campaign is called The Rise of Bastion Quol.

 News trickled into Carcassonne from the surrounding provinces of a plague besieging the villages. The worst of this plague came from the North, completing overwhelming the town of Mase. Renita Garcia, the Lady in charge of this province sent forth messengers to the Lord to send aid, their cavalry and army was hit hard and numbers were not being replenished. If they were to be attacked now, the town would fall and Carcassonne would be weak on its North West wall. The lands of Mase were in poverty, the crops in this land fail regularly, the reason until now were unknown. “Me lady!..” a voice cried. “Something approach from the North, A green glow marches closer! Moving fast now, Me’ Lady!..” Renita climbed the stairs leading and peered out upon the plains leading to Fangwood Forest. A horde of screeching and scratching bundled forward. “Send forth word to Carcassonne! Mase is under attack! Reinforcements are needed!” Another messenger was dispatched as the Skaven hit. The wall had to be defended until they arrive, but forces were few.

A six game campaign between Skaven and Bretonnia. Skaven have learned of an artefact being held in the vaults of the large Bretonni Kingdom of Carcassonne. Using official scenarios from Age of Sigmar, the Triumph table and SCGT point values and FAQ’s.

 Game 1 – Storm the Walls

‘Starting points: Skaven (70pts), Bretonni (35pts)’

Telling the story of the Skaven forces first hitting the North of Mase, a town residing in the outskirts of the Kingdom. Should the Skaven be victorious, they will continue their charge towards Carcassonne, their numbers will swell. Should the Bretonni be able to hold, the reinforcements will have time to arrive and this will be reflected in next scenario.

 Game 2 – Sudden Assault

‘Starting points: Skaven (50pts), Bretonni (70pts)’

This tells of the Skaven invading the farmlands on the outside of the city wall of Carcassonne. But a small army awaits them, the messenger had got word to the Lord and he readied his force.

Game 3 – Hidden Artefact

‘Starting points: Skaven (70pts), Bretonni (70pts)’

 The Skaven have infiltrated the city walls, overwhelmed the forces and destroyed the vault holding the artefact. But the artefact is gone. The Lord has hidden it amongst his army, trusting one to carry it out of Carcassonne. This battle takes place in the city centre.

 Game 4 – Breach the Line

‘Starting points: Skaven (85pts), Bretonni/Slyvaneth (85pts)’

 This battle takes place in Fangwood Forest, the Skaven failed in capturing their prize in Carcassonne and now chase down the Bretonni. But, they will not be able to achieve this so easy. Bretonni forces know these forests well and have allies in the Treemen.

 Game 5 – Out of the Mist

‘Starting points: Skaven (60pts), Bretonni (60pts)’

 The Bretonni have captured the Grey Seer of the Clan, the Ritual cannot be performed without him. A mist has descended upon the battlefield but the Grey Seer must be found.

 Game 6 – The Ritual

‘Starting points: Skaven (100pts), Bretonni (100pts)’

 Taking place in the crater of Bastion Quol, the Skaven have returned to their lair and the Ritual is underway. Bretonni need to stop this before it is too late.


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