Rise of Bastion Quol - Skaven vs Brettonia - Campaign game 1

Sean and I had our first game in a 6 game mini campaign. This game we used the "Storm the walls" battle plan. We will use the SCGT legacy pools to select our armies. In this game Skaven start with 70 pool choices's and the Brettonian's with 35 pool choice's. The command ability from the battle plan, will allow the Brettonian general to summon (we changed it from demons to....) reinforcement's. The Skaven general will get a war chant that will add +1 to hit rolls, for units within 12 inches.

The realm of plague is not massively venerated in Clan Mkrytus, but a few devotes exist, the most powerful among them was Plague Priest Ponitrid. After many years of petitions, the council final found a task for him to prove his worth.

With territory expanding it was only a matter of time before, the clan found the human kingdom to the south. 

Always prepared the clan lords sent a small scouting force to investigate and weaken the defenses. This was to be Ponitrid's proving ground. 

With a claw of gutter runners and pack of  giant rats, to command he set upon a campaign of sabotage and plague, to weaken the populace and the defense of their northern city. 
Twice the holy number of days later Arch Warlock Trask, brought a small host to inspect the work.
"Very good" the metallic buzz of of Trasks amplified voice boomed. "The city walls are broken and no gate in the portcullis."

"Yes I have done as asked, the man-things sicken, and the stone-wall crumble. I have done as the council asked-told me." The phlegm filled slur of Plague priest Ponitrid reply's.
In truth Tracks optics showed the disrepair of the walls and gate to be the ravages of time rather than recent action. But he could not denie the stench of man-thing sickness on the night air. 
"Quiet, well no time to waste let us use our surprise, you can take the right flank, my lieutenants will take the center and I the Left." The right flank and center looked exposed to man thing arrows best to take the cover through the wood on the right, Trask thought to himself.
"W..What? you wish to attack now?" Stammered the priest.


Left to right - 10 Giant Rats, Packmaster, 3 Jezzials, Rattling Gun, 10 Clanrats, Warp fire thrower, 20 Stormvermin, Warlord, Battle standard bearer, 10 Clanrats, Poison wind mortar, 10 Clanrats, Arch Warlock. 5 Gutter runners will infiltrate.

20 Bowmen man the walls. 20 men at arms hold the gate, Paladin hold the court yard. And 10 bowmen are held in reserve on the back objective.

3 objectives are in the keep, marked with the pink dice. On the gate house, on the occulum and on the back table edge, in the reserve lines.

Men at arms hold the gate.
Opening Salvos

Trask hopes the gutter runners have already infiltrated the castle as his metalic voice signals the attack.

He hears the crack of gun fire, and the whomp of the mortar as the long range weapons open fire. His warp optics allow him to see the green gas cloud and red mist of head shots on the battlements.

 The ground trembles beneath Trasks feet, looking around for the source of the tremors he seems the bright coloured men-on-meat, thundering towards him, "Curse that pox priest he had allowed the man-things to summon reinforcements, readying his halberd, he waits in the muddy bank of the river waiting for the charge.

Quickly scanning the battle field, his host has been advancing with all speed, the castle defenders answers with a volly of arrows, into the stormvermin spearhead, faltering their advance, and killing almost half.

And that's all the time Trask has to spare, the knights could see his majesty, and intuitively sensed he was the lynx pin of the skaven army, the metal-men charge him over the large group of Clanrats, that were closer to them.

 Arch Warlock Trask grinned to himself as his tactical brilliance was revealed, the charge loses it's momentum as it enters the river, true aimed Lance's dip and miss their mark, horses shied away from the unsure footing. 

Squeaks and squeals alerted him to the clanrats rushing to his aid. He swished his tail in annoyance, and the momentry laspe in concentration allowed a Knighting hit his esteemed self, he snarled in anger.

 "Fool, Clanrats, to the castle, or I make you all slave-meat." He snarled his frustration, summoning the black lightning he blasts a knight from it's saddle, spins around and thrusts his halberd through the skull of the beast of burden, ducking and dodging all further retribution against him. The sight of a snarling mechanical bipedal Ratman, spook's one of the horses, it bolts taking it's rider with him.

Jezzials continue to pick off archers, poison wind globes land and explode along the battlements, under this covering fire. The rattling gun makes it into range, excitedly the gunner calls for more warp lead, a solid stream of slugs and green tracer fire rakes the battlement blasting archers from the parapet, Trask notices with glee.

A quick glance up shows Trask his forces are in position to make the furlong hope into the castle.

 But the realm gate simmers, and out ride a large regiment of horse-men, engaged and to far away to deal with the new threat himself, "Ponitrid, prove you worth." He yells.

Fighting hard Trask, turns ready to duck another blow, only to see the knight jerk suddenly in his saddle, he topples forward, a massive hole in his back where the Jezzials round took him in the center mass.

"Those snipers are getting a promotion." He muses ready to take down the rest of the knights

On the other side he see the fresh knights trample the entire giant rat pack, that pox priest better do something soon, Trask thinks

Rat mush

Through the realm gate.

Tiring of the game, Arch warlock Trask raises his powered claw, points it at the last horseman and incinerated him in hot warp flame.

Looking up, he scans the vulnerable flank with his far seeing warp optic's. Calculating the range is ratlings play for a Arch warlock of his genius, he calls for the mortar team in the ditch to adjust the aim and trajectory, increase the pressure by a fifth above save limits and fire.

The shot arcs high over the battlefield, but his instructions where precise the globe lands amongst the knights.

Plague priest Ponitrid is chanting, he see's from a distance, and the knights visible sicken more rapidly in the cloud, calling for more fire support the rattling gun and warp thrower turn on the humans for the realmgate.

 The gun rattles off a dream of shots into the choking knights adding to their misery, but the warpfire thrower is over loaded and is partially damaged.

Seeing his stormvermin about to charge the castle, Trask informs them not to miss their mark, and calls for his lieutenant's to inspire them further, one plants the magical banner entrusted to him, and the other instructs them on the best way to gnash and gnaw bones.

 Suitably inspired 6 vermin charge the gate house. (+1 to hit, reroll 1's, +1 attack, and inspired) they kill and large number of the defenders and only lose one of their own.

Calling the clanrats to aid him, Ponitrid charges in to the knights. Seeing the architect of their misery the knights lash out, and kill the pox priest. 
"Excellent," Trask mutters to himself "the council will be pleased, that diseased fanatic won't be returning the Bastion." He smiles inside his helm, knowing his secret mission had been made all the easier.
 But the flesh former angered by the death of his pack, assumes command together he and the Clanrats kill most of the remaining knight

Retreating from the lone remaining knight the flesh former leads his Clanrats to the castle, behind them then indignant knight, is engulfed in warp flame.

Inside the gate house the vermin chop down the last man-thing defenders, but look up to see the archers waiting for them, a large volley of arrows later and all the vermin lay dead.

Approaching the castle wall Trask seers the realm gate simmers again and out trot another unit of knights.

Wasting no time they charge into the  Skaven guns in the center field. "Droppings." Trask curses to himself.

Trask watch's as the Lance's hit home, impaling the fire thrower crew and wounding then rattling gunners.

With one weapon destroyed, the horse men lap around the finish of the other.

Trask finally see's Paladin in command of the city's defense as the man-thing charges through the broken wall to intercept the Clanrats flanking, charging through the rumble he meets them valiantly. "Drag him down and move on." Trask commands.

Hidden in the wood the jezzials teams, take time aiming at the latest reinforcement's but then open fire with deadly accuracy  killing 3 and spooking the remaining horses, who bolt away. Definitely a promotion Trask thought to himself.

Trask watched with glee, as the brave charge of the Paladin was in vain, the clan rats bloodied and restrained the champion, so the flesh former could shock him repeatedly with his prod. With a wave of his hand the skin-moulder urged the Clanrats up the walls of the keep.

Arch warlord Trask urged his forces at the castle, the left flank Clanrats are suddenly assaulted by my horse man reinforcement's. But these are the Arch warlocks person guard, inspired by their leadrr and his lieutenant's they ignore the casualties they take and drag down a knight, a cracking gun fire later and 2 more knights lay dead, the snipers have struck again, turning to look Trask see's they have emerged from the wood to get a better shot.

"To the castle fool-meat climb the walls." Trask Orders, the Clanrats disengage from the knights and scramble up the castle walls, as Trask and his warlord lieutenant climb the castle face. The knights give chase, but horses can't climb and are left milling at the bottom.

From the parapet, Arch warlock Trask can see the last of the defenders, a small group of archers readying arrows to take the rats exposed on the battlements. 

"Mortar team, re locate, 12 tails left, line through the gate, lob shot over the wall, extreme range, four fifth's extra pressure, 30 degree." 
A tribute to how well trained his teams are they follow his instructions with out hesitation. The shot lobs over the wall and the glass bomb shatters amongst the man-things, the green cloud chokes most to death, the rest flee from the fiendish weaponry.

With the courtyard cleared of living man-things, Trask breaths heavily, the rasp sounds through his amplifier. 

Surveying the walls his troops occupy the walls and the defenders are routed. No new reinforcements are in sight. 

"Victory!" Trask yells from the battlements. He surveys the city, "Lead them in warlord, search the man Warren. Chieftain, go back and bring my apprentice and our second wave they are to hold the gate until my return. Flesh moulder go get more of your beast herds. Weapon teams come with me."

Fantastic scenario, I might've started with a lot more on the board but all those knightly reinforcement's certainly had me worried. And writing the report in the 1st person point of view was a massive challenge, thanks Sean the game and the writing challenge both made me push myself to be better.

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