Sudden Assualt - Campaign game 2

Warplock engineer Cog, had always felt pride at being apprenticed to the great Arch Warplock Trask. Even more so in recent years as he had been elevated by the Arch to the higher Echelons of the warplock order. Clearly his hard work had been recognised.
But when he was chose on the battlefield to hold the territory, the Arch had taken, he felt apprehensive at the prospect. A tinker rat primarily he was not dispose to combat or command, but the Arch had asked and he would do his best. 
Beside, he thought, it couldn't be any harder than assembling a warpfire thrower.
Surveying the mass of troops left in his command and the large Rat ogres being corralled near by, what could he possibly have to worries about, with so many vermin at his disposal. Surveying the outskirts of the town form the large hill, with many Skaven bodies around him he felt safe.
That was until the ground started to rumble, focusing his warp optics on the town, the glint of sun light off Lance tips and a glimpse of coloured cloth. 
How many horses would it take to make the ground rumble like that, he wondered.
No matter his masters orders had been clear.
"Hold here until I return." 
Squeaking orders as he went Cog gathered the stormvermin to him and dug it amongst the rocky hill, the treacherous slopes would prove the undoing of clumsy horses. It also put the corralled Rat Ogors between him and the man-things thundering closer.

This week's campaign game is the sudden assault battle plan. In our story the Skaven have moved into the outer city and are ransacking the population and buildings when a large force of knights arrive to evict the rats.

Skaven - Rat Ogors and their pack master garrison the deadly terrain. On the inspiring hill perch the stormvermin, the warpfire thrower and the warplock engineer.
Brettonian - 5 knights errant, damsel, 5 knights of the realm, 10 knights of the realm, 5 grail knights, paladin holding battle standard, Brettonian lord. 5 knights of the realm.

Turn 1 Brettonian

Brettonian Lord inspire his cavalry to ride faster and further. Damsel gives out the blessing of the lady.
The cavalry charge straight into the dangerous terrain the Rat ogors are lurking in, several horse die. But most slam home into the mutated rat beasts.

Grail knights kill 2 Ogors, realm knights kill one. Ogors retaliate and kill 2 Grail knights and 3 Realm knights.

Turn 1 Skaven

Engineer fails to cast mystic shield on the hill, but does inspire his troops to hold this hill. The pack master runs away hoping to get back to the hill while the knight's are still fighting. Ogors kill a Grail knight, and a couple more realm knights. The remaining knights kill 2 of the Ogors.

 With out the pack master to herd him forward the last beast flee's.

Turn 2 Brettonian

Lord again urges the cavalry onward, Damsel gives out the lady's blessing. The knights lap around the right flank and prepare to charge in 2 waves.

The first charge wave hits, the units of knight charge into the stormvermin infesting the hill. The pack master between is trampled.

One plucky knight drives deep into the Ratman ranks and rides up a spur of the hill

There are casualties on both sides but the vermin are using the terrain to their advantage, and avoid the worse of the charge.

Turn 2 Skaven

With a second wave of knights fast approaching, the Warplock general casts mystic shield on the vermin. And inspires them not to flee. He then summons forth from behind the hill his second Unit of rat Ogors. (Part of the battle plan allows me to bring back 1 unit I had previously lost.)

The Verminous Ogors charge into the  knights on the flank. Savagely they tear apart the horses and men alike.

On the other side of the hill, the stormvermin gang up on the other unit of  knights, only one is left alive.

Continuing the charge up the flank, the Rat Ogors charge into tho last remaining Grail knight and find the Brettonian Lord with him in the wood.

The Ogors make short work of the grail knight.

But find the lord his made of tougher stuff.

In retaliation, the lord kills 2 of the ogors and wounds a third.

Turn 3 Skaven

The Skaven steal the initiative, and the ogors finish off the Lord. On the hill the vermin finish of the last knight and prepare for a another wave of knights. Warplock continues to cast mystic shield.

Turn 3 Brettonian

Second wave charges over the still warm  remains of the first. Slamming into the infested hill.

Paladin engages the rat ogres.

The hill runs with blood, black and red. The  slaughter is high on both sides, but with the initial charge spent, it will become a war of attrition.

Paladin lashes out and slays an Ogor, but 2 are still his match over several rounds of combat he is dragged from his horse and torn apart.

The slaughter continues only a few knights and a Damsel remain. But neither are there many stormvermin to hold the hill.

Engineer and the warpfire thrower have been putting out shots all battle with limited success. But the warpfire thrower finally finds it's range and kills 2 knights

Free to return to the hill, the ogors charge the last knight.

Tear him and his horse to pieces in an orgies of gluttony.

Whilst on the hill the Vermin surround the Damsel and drag her from her horse and repeat the scene at the base of the hill.

Skaven Victory.

Lost track of the turns with my pictures after turn 3 but the flow of the battle is plain to see.
Turn 3 really was the turning point, stealing the initiative allowed the Skaven to clear up their combats before the next wave hit. Could have had a different ending if the Brettonians had piled into an on going combats.

Warplock apprentice Cog, surveyed the mounds of broken horses and men around the hill, the terrain and his magic had been the man-things undoing, and keeping the second unit of Rat Ogors hidden until the knights engaged, had been a master stroke of genius. Arch Warplock Trask would be pleased....
When he came back to the gate house Arch Warplock Trask was not pleased.


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