Battle of the Damned Plains

Dropping his Zombie Dragon from the sky, Lord Karashock landed heavily behind his Knights of the Pale Moon. The orders had already been given, "seize the plains". In the center he had left trusted lieutenants, with the bulk of his strength. He and his knights would ride around the flank and cut off the head of the demonic forces opposing them. Once their ties to this realm were severed, mopping up the remnants would be no challenge... 

Little was in view but for the haunted ruins and a Skull Keep of the damned. The sway of the dark gods was heavy even here. He had resolved to clear these plains, in preparation for further expeditions from Stilluna.

Outpacing his retinue, Lord Karashock landed by the Keep. As his mighty steed rounded the corner, a host of demons came to view! Bloodletters! The plains were not abandoned, and he had found his first prey. There was little joy in the slaughter of Khorne's demons, but perhaps one amongst them was worthy a challenge?

Wasting no time, the scions of the Blood God hurled themselves into combat. With reckless abandon, their blades struck at the once-proud mount of Lord Karashock. Despite its sloughing flesh and cracked bones, the beast offered no quarter. Moving with great speed, the Dragon dodged nearly all the demons attacks. Those few blades that struck it could only crack the bone further, their swords too weak to unbind the mighty spell that kept it animate.

Despite their hatred, they were no match. Lord Karashock's lance howled as it pierced the demons flesh and tore their bodies apart. The dragon was silent, but the violence of it's actions created sound enough. In a single minute of combat, twelve of the twenty bloodletters were slain. Red ichor filled the plains as their ethereal corpses dissolved back to their god.

Lord Karashock was done. These lowly demons were not the guardians of the foe he sought. As the Dragon beneath him spread its wings, the Knights of the Pale moon caught up and rode into the remaining Bloodletters. Not a single capricious demon survived the onslaught. Flying to a new perch, he sought new prey. Perhaps he had found it, for as he landed he saw two great demons, lords of the blood host.

As the rotted dragon landed, Lord Karashock found a foe worth the challenge. A Soul Grinder of Khorne! So quick was it that the dragonrider had no time to think, only to react. Roaring its mighty challenge, the demonic machine charged into the Vampire. Shocked by the speed of the monster, the Lord could not drive home his spear. Nor could the undead dragon find perch upon the demonic flesh. The Soul Grinder tore rotted flesh from bleached bone, but could not slay the dragon.

Unfortunately for the lord, the leader of our foes was at hand. The Demon Prince Ax'Kheel'Sash, raised by the Blood Gods own hand, was near. As the Lord was distracted battling the mighty soul grinder, the foe struck! Driving his screaming axe into the shoulder of Lord Karashock, the lord was nearly slain. Understanding the better part of valour, the Vampire took from the field.


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