The Ancient Kings March Once More

Completed some models for May. Not the model I intended to finish, but it's good all the same. Getting some distinctly dusty vibes from the newest (and oldest!) additions to the City of Silence.

Liche Priest: - Runeb Omme

Ancient eyes could see once more. How many years had it been since that grey-blue sky had been above him. It was less than he remembered. Vivid blues and greens had danced across the heavens, in his mind. Not this. He grabbed his bejeweled knife. It too shone, like it had not done for an age. It did not disappoint. It never had. It was always sharp. Even down here, under the temple. He stepped towards the light and saw his hand. Shrivelled. Rotten. Corpse-like. Yet not the corpse desired. Another rock was dragged from its place, and more light fell into his crypt. Hollow sockets met his gaze, as fingers rasped at rock, pulling them away. Now he knew why he would not die. His task was unfinished. The jewels on his knife sparckled with brilliant flashes. It had other lives to end.

Tomb King: - Pudr Sno

Father of the last King of Stilluna, Pudr spent his reign fighting an endless war against chaos. Left with a kingdom soon beset, and raised in his fathers royal chariot, Pudr Sno took action. Always seen in the front lines, he believed that inspirational action surpassed tactical nuance in battle. Wars were won with men, not manoeuvres, he believed. The King's inspiring presence often kept men fighting far beyond mortal limits, grasping many victors from the jaws of defeat. Still the realm suffered, for no true victory could be achieved. As a Mighty Lord of Khorne opened his belly, King Pudr Sno laid out his curse. Always would he be there to oppose the dark gods. Always would he return defend his city and his people. So it was that as his lifeblood exited his body, the spirit remained. Now he marches once more, and all slave to darkness shall tremble. 

Tomb King in Royal Chariot: - Gam-al Sno 

Long had the tradition of royal burials been. Stretching far back into the days unremembered, the Kings of Stilluna have rested well in opulent tomb palaces. By tradition, each king was buried in ancient customs and ceremonial armour. Some, had they enjoyed the traditional chariot triumphs would even chose to be buried with their chariot. This was also the case for King Gam-al Sno, grandfather of King. He had led countless warhosts against the Chaos hordes. From the back of his chariot he would lead armies and men to victories and defeats. Always was he ready to march his armies out in the defence of neighbouring realms. Yet he died defeated. The scions of the dark gods had burned and pillaged most of the kingdoms surrounding Stilluna. As death took him, he swore an oath that he would return to help his children in the defence of the city. Now, as necromantic powers stirr, the old king has returned to make good on his oath.


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