Keep on Rotting in the Free World - An Alliance is Furred

Cholothrax and his lieutenants approached the group of rats wearily. He was not naive enough to think that they were anywhere but the Skaven's territory, even though they had agreed to meet halfway between  their realms, in the tunnels the Skaven had dug underneath Ghur.

He had brought only his most trusted lieutenants; his brother, Cholophract, the enigmatic Prophet of Nurgle, Damphead, Herald of Nurgle, current head of Cholothrax's Daemon "Legions," Gygax, speaking for the Beastmen, and finally Largax the Doombull, acting as intermediary between the two forces.

Damphead, Herald of Nurgle

The Prophet of Nurgle

Largax began; "Cholothrax, Lord Malkk is looking to consolidate power in the West through creation of a sickness that will engulf the realm. However natural Nurgle's Rot is rare in that region..."

"So you would have me relinquish my glorious abundance of the Rot, gained from much tending to the holy Rot Tree?!" asked Cholothrax, rudely.

"Only a portion," replied Malkk, diplomatically, "as you can see, we have an abundance of a different kind, many spare bodies, of which you are lacking."

"Very well, I could use some of those Plague machines to consolidate my holdings, I will trade a regular supply of Rot for these, and an appropriate sized levy to man them."

"As you wish, my... lord," Malkk bowed, convincingly faking servitude...

I've included better photos of my newest champions, scroll back through my posts if you want to see photos of Cholothrax, Cholophract, Gygax or Largax!


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