Clan Festerscar: Denziens of the Silver Tower

Hey all!

Just a quick update with a little bit of story here today.  I have been a bit side tracked from my normal Skaven painting with the release of Silver Tower lately, but I am powering through the box to get back to my beloved rats.  After completing the box - which in all honesty will probably take the rest of the month at the rate that I am going - I will return to our regularly scheduled Skaven updates, which will include the (much anticipated, I'm sure - HA!) Plague Censer Bearers, Warlock Engineers, Arch Warlocks, Stormfiends, Weapon Teams, mercenary Ronin Stormvermin (you read that right), Verminlords, and much more!

So, without further ado, here are my painted models for the Silver Tower so far...

Horrors of Tzeentch

Pink Horrors are gibbering, malicious servants of Tzeentch, vile parodies of their sorcerous master. On the battlefield they band into packs of brightly coloured Daemons and unleash their powerful magics upon the enemy, blasting the foe with the eldritch fire of Tzeentch.  Pink Horrors are vicious and deadly opponents, able to sear the flesh from a man with ease. When a Pink Horror is wounded it emits a piercing squeal and immediately splits into two Blue Horrors, which are as resentful and bitter as their pink cousins are gleeful and capricious.  Finally, should Blue Horrors fall in battle, they turn into a puff of smoke and a pair of Brimstone Horrors that nip at shins and set fire to battle-garb.

Kairic Acolytes

Marked by the Changer of Ways for their cunning and devotion, these warriors fight with blade, sorcery, and unnatural zeal.  They are the chosen warriors of Tzeentch, and with the proper chants and rites they are able to combine their gestalt magical might before unleashing it in crackling bolts of unnatural flame.

Chaos Familiars

A quartet of weird and magical familiars caper at the various sorcerers' heels, each one a focus for the powers of sorcery and change whose presence further bolsters the might of their leering masters.  

Grot Scuttlings

Scuttlings are wily and tribal, half-arachnid greenskins whose poisons and webs are the bane of the unwary.  Though individually weak and cowardly, when massed in great swarms they can overwhelm even the greatest of warriors, before dragging their venom bloated corpses away to feed.


These savage avian beastkin have been warped into shapes more pleasing to Tzeentch than their crude gor-kin cousins.  Clad in flowing armor of silver and gold, wielding curved blades and massive double-handed axes, they fight with the speed and violence of unbridled change.

Warlord Vermost Seep 

The messenger to the outlands in the far East, Seep was once a lowly errand rat for Malkk, but has since proven himself to be one of his most loyal confidants.  Promoted to the rank of Champion Warlord of Malkk, he was sent into the deep caverns and into the Silver Tower to find the Plague Tome that the Gaunt Summoner kept hidden from prying eyes deep within.  And, if he found Zulrot, he was to bring his head back to his true master - Malkk.

Grey Seer Rasskittar

Cruel and unusual are the fates that await those who trifle with the mad seer of Clan Festerscar.  His warpstone addled brain is ripe food for the Krean Maggots that Malkk uses to control his pet Grey Seer, without whom he would lack even the most fundamental approval from the Council of Thirteen.  While on the strings of Malkk, Rasskittar is still a potent wizard, known to turn the tides of battle in the darkest of circumstances. 

Arch-Warlock Amushock Engineseer

Master of the sub-clan, known as the Fire-Stokers, that makes up the entirety of the Skyre detachment of the Festerscar Tunnels.  While this gives him much leverage, the constant threat of disease and starvation on the part of Malkk has kept him in line for the time being.  However, there is much to be done against the creature that would rule in Malkk's stead.  The Fire-Stokers are ambitious and cunning, but Malkk has thus far managed to keep them in check.


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