Season of War Campaign: Week 4 - Raze and Ruin

So we are into the final week of the Season of War campaign in the Realm of Ghyran and onto the 4th and final battle plan! This week's narrative agenda shows the armies battling well within the city walls, each player has a terrain piece to act as their stronghold, set up is usual alternating set up rules.

Your stronghold can be targeted for attack and the object of the battle plan is to destroy your enemies stronghold, it has 15 wounds and a save of 3+ but also has a couple of extra abilities in addition to its own war scroll abilities. It has a 5+ ward save against mortal wounds and also increases your units bravery within its sight. 

To destroy the building, you can cast spells, fire missile weapons or you can charge it and attack it in the combat phase, if you do this, then you hit automatically and just roll to wound! So the building s are very fragile. 

If you have enough time and models, a battle using the Warhost pitched battle rules would work really well. 2500+ points as this is the last in the battle plan series for the campaign!

But whatever you choose and however you choose to play it, good luck!


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