Season of War Battle Reps - Weeks 1 & 2

Four battles to report:

Week 1

A Clash of Battlelines - Order vs Chaos

My Wyldheart Wargrove (allied with some Stormcasts) faced off against Khorne's Bloodied Horde. The match came down to a single battleshock test at the very end of turn 5, Order managed to pull out a minor victory when a single remaining chaos knight failed the test.


Battlelines are formed

Turn 1

Battlelines clash! (Treelord Ancients are scary)

Turn 2

Order and Chaos both advance, reinforcements arrive

Turn 3

The Daemon Prince advances while the Treelord
Ancient makes way for the Spirit Paths

Turn 4

Traveling through the Spirit Paths puts the
Treelord behind enemy lines and in position
to slay the Daemon Prince

Turn 5 - Order Minor Victory

The fleeing Chaos Knight gives Order a Minor Victory!

Pitched Battles

We had two pitched battles during the first campaign week, both Chaos vs Order. Chaos triumphed with minor victories first against Stormcast Eternals then a second time against the Duardin.

Nurgle vs Stormcast Eternals
Khorne vs Duardin

Week 2 

A Champion Emerges - Order vs Chaos

The Wyldheart Wargrove found itself again embattled with Chaos, however, this time it was against Nurgle's Witnesses of Pox, the mortal enemies of life. The battle started off in the Wargrove's favor with Taliel, the Treelord Ancient, slaying Duke Nastington, the Great Unclean One, in a heroic duel. Victory seemed assured to the Sylvaneth but at the eleventh hour of battle more plague bearers and plague drones were summoned to defeat the forces of life and give Chaos a minor victory.

Blurry shot of Taliel and Duke Nastington in their heroic duel!
This one also came down to battleshock tests at the very end of the game. The Witnesses of Pox's plague bearers and plague drones both rolled ones on their battleshock tests to replenish their forces giving them 320 points left on the table versus the Wargrove's 300.

This post has been updated on the campaign! 3 battles won for Chaos Alliance! and 1 for Order! Thank you.



  1. This post has been updated on the campaign! 2 battles won for Chaos Alliance! Thank you.

  2. Sorry, This post has been updated on the campaign! 3 battles won for Chaos Alliance! and 1 for Order! Thank you.

    Is what it should be


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