Rise of Empires: Realm Hoppers Online Campaign

Welcome to the new Online Campaign for Age of Sigmar: Rise of Empires. Realm Hoppers.

What is Realm Hoppers?
This is a brand new style of campaign gaming in the Age of Sigmar. It combines Path to Glory (PtG), Ladder Style campaigns, Matrix, Silver Tower dungeon crawler. You become a Hero in the Mortal and Chaos Realms, questing to locate Dark Crystals in the aftermath of the Age of Chaos. This is set after the Season of War and All-gates in the timeline. You will find yourself fighting through battle plans, obtaining treasure which can be exchanged on the Black Market, gaining Skills and most importantly growing your war band to help you along the way.

How do I take part?
All you need to start is your imagination. Register your interest on TGA.community, I will send you an email invitation to the blog. From here you can create your blog posts detailing your victories in your battles, post up newly painted war scroll pics or create short stories for your war band. You will receive renown points which will level up your Character. Once a month, you will receive a custom battle plan that will enable you to try and obtain Dark Crystals. With these Dark Crystals, you can exchange them for Skills, Treasure or Renown. Or you can instead try and harness their power to boost your Generals Stat line.

How much does it cost?
Nothing, its free!

What if I miss a month or want to change my Character?
No problem, post as much or as little as you like. If you want to change your Character, no worries, you will lose your Skills and Treasure but will keep your renown.

When is this starting?
The campaign will start from the 1st September, but feel free to post up introductions to your Character before.

What do I need to begin?
All you need to begin is 1 painted Character model (No named characters) and 2 war scrolls worth of models. The first month, you will get the chance to roll on some PtG tables to add to your war band. Paint up the new units so by the end of the month you should have at least 1000 points worth of models. I will be posting up the first battle plan at the beginning of September, use this only as a guide. Keep a record of how many crystals you collect in the battle and report back with a blog post showing at least one picture of the battle and the details of who won and any crystals collected.

What if i don't play games, I only paint?
Thats absolutely fine. You will still gain renown for posting pictures of your models and writing short stories. All you will miss out on is gaining skills, which if you don't play, isn't an issue.

How long does it run for?
This campaign will run until the 18th February 2017 , the reason for this is that the online campaign is also the prequel to an event we as a gaming group are running on this date which will conclude the story. Don't worry, you do not need to take part in the event on this day to be part of the online campaign and vice versa, you do not need to take part in the online campaign to attend the event.

What is a Skill card?
You will gain a Skill card (which will be generated and presented to you) when you trade in some types of Dark Crystals. Skill cards will range from giving you an extra attack, to being able to pile in and attack twice, to allowing you to fly, or maybe you ignore Rend. These can be kept and used again and again, until either you fail to post anything for a month, your General is slain in battle (be honest, its more fun) or change your Character. Should you wish to attend the Event on the 18th Feb, then any Skills you have, you can bring with you to start the event with.

What is a Treasure card?
Like Skill cards, but give you a one use only in your next battle.

What is Renown?
Gaining renown or XP as some call it, levels up your Character. You gain renown by posting blogs showing battles, painted war scrolls or writing short stories. Each time you level up, one of your stat lines increase for your General. There is a maximum of 5 levels to build up to.

So thats it basically! Anyone who has taken part in any of my previous campaigns will already be registered. Just let me know if you are taking part again!

September Objective

Welcome to the first Month of the Realm Hoppers campaign! 

So now you know what it is all about, it is time to get into the meat of the campaign. Start building your war band, start improving your General and start claiming the Dark Crystals!

Painting your war band.

Here is the best and easiest way of collecting renown points, for every war scroll that is painted and based, then posted up to the blog, you will earn a renown point. Renown points will enable your General to level up and in turn collect Dark Crystals. You can only Level up once per month. To get to Level 1, you need 8 Renown points.

For every 8 renown points you earn, you can collect either a Treasure Card or Secondary Objective Card. For every Level up you gain, you can collect a Skill Card. You cannot have more than 3 cards in your possession at anytime.

The battleplan.

So this is the first battleplan of the campaign. To play this battleplan, you need to build a war band from the PtG tables which can be found either in the Generals Handbook, or by following the Links below. Once your initial war band is selected, you are then free to choose from any table or roll on the relevant reward tables. After you have played through this battleplan, you can then play any type of game you like using the Path to Glory rules for adding to your war band.

Order Faction Path to Glory tables
Destruction Faction Path to Glory tables
Daemons of Chaos Path to Glory tables
Death and Tomb Kings Path to Glory Tables

For every battle you play, you gain 1 Renown point, for every battle you win, you gain an extra Renown point. If you have a secondary objective card and you complete this, you gain another Renown point.

Skill cards can be kept indefinitely (or until your General is slain in any battle or you replace the card), Treasure and Secondary Objective cards can only be used in your next battle and are then lost.

In this battleplan, you have the chance to find Dark Crystals. If you have any in your possession at the end of the battle, let me know how many you have. These can be exchanged on the Black Market for Treasure, or can be crushed and consumed.. this second option does not always help you, but may give you a super boost for your next battle!

Please refer to the Generals Handbook if you wish to use the matrix campaign abilities.

Secondary Objectives, Skill and Treasure Cards

Below is the link to the folders containing all the Skill, Treasure and Secondary Objective Cards that will be in play. When you gain one of these cards, they will be given to you randomly. 

Writing Short Stories

There is one other way in which you can earn Renown points, you can write a short story for your general and war band, detailing something they have done in the Mortal Realms. This can be anything you like. But for every short story, you earn 1 renown point.

So thats it! Good Luck for Month 1 and I look forward to seeing your progress! There may be (if I get time) a painting competition at the end of this month where you will get chance to earn more Renown points! Keep your eye out of that.


  1. Brilliant idea. Trying to sell my game group on this now.


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